Chambermaids are expected to clean and maintain rooms of hotels or cottages. It is one of the most common professions in the hotel business.

A well written cover letter for chambermaid resume is the primary step towards a successful job. Therefore write an impressive cover letter to get noticed.

You may get help from the following sample to write a great cover letter for a chambermaid job.


Chambermaid Cover Letter Sample


303 N South Street
Las Vegas, CA 92365

January 5, 2016

Ms. Anna Charlie
Hiring Manager
AAA Hotel
65 Pine Road
Las Vegas, CA 91457


Dear Ms. Chrlie:

Florence Nightingale suggested I contact you concerning the Chambermaid position currently available at AAA Hotel. I am inspired to pursue my cleaning and housekeeping interests at AAA Hotel due to its reputation as an impressive, innovative and rising hotel.

As the enclosed resume demonstrates, I am very expert in changing linens and maintaining the cleanliness rooms, wiping down and polishing the lamps, dresser, desk and all washable surfaces along with vacuuming carpets while ensuring that nothing missed in the preliminary cleaning of the room. I addition, I have extensive experience in cleaning and disinfecting bath tub and shower area, sink, mirror, vanity and bathroom floor. My enclosed resume contains more details about my qualifications and skills.

As a fresh and zealous candidate, I’d welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my experience and skills would be beneficial for AAA Hotel. I can be reached at (009) 999-3333 in order to set up a meeting time that will best match your timetable. Additionally, I will contact you next week to follow-up.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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