Postal Worker Job Description for Resume

Updated on: November 8, 2016

Position Overview

Postal workers handle a lot of indoor and outdoor work, depending on their specific job placements within a postal organization. Mostly, a postal worker will be entrusted with an amalgamation of work duties that will get them to meet different kinds of people each day. For a postal worker to be truly successful at what he does, it is imperative to be a people person – and work quickly and efficiently.

Job Requirements

Typical educational requirements to work as a postal worker include a high school diploma or a GED, along with the ability to work in a physically demanding post office environment. Since postal workers are always on the go, it is imperative for them to have an inherent liking for “doing things on the go”. Also, you will need to possess good time-management skills and the ability to deal with repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently.

Since postal workers usually work alongside other post office staff, team spirit and good communication skills are important to possess. Knowledge of postage affixing machineries and weighing equipment is also important in this work. Also, good reading and writing skills are necessary in this work, since you will be sorting out mail according to geographical locations, and even assisting customers in determining postal codes and areas.

A list of typical work duties for a postal worker are given below:

Postal Worker Job Description for Resume

• Provide customers with information of postal codes and addressing protocols
• Assist customers in determining the weight and size of their parcels and letters for postage purposes
• Receive items and check them for security purposes, along with ensuring that they are properly sealed and packed
• Sort incoming and outgoing mail into appropriate bundles to ensure that they are delivered properly and efficiently
• Assist customers in packaging items for mailing by ensuring that all protocols for safety are followed
• Distribute incoming mail into pigeon holes and hold mail for customers who have provided special instructions
• Search directories or phonebooks to locate addresses for redirected or undelivered mail
• Load delivery vans or trucks with parcels and letters and ensure that they are safely stack
• Drive or accompany driver on the delivery van or truck to provide assistance with deliveries
• Map appropriate routes to destinations and ensure that items or parcels are delivered on time
• Handle COD payments and provide information to the postal center about each COD delivery status
• Store undelivered mail in appropriate areas and ensure confidentiality and safety of mail