Mail Sorter Job Description

Updated December 4, 2018

A mail sorter’s work falls under the broader category of postal workers. The main work of a mail sorter is to receive and sort mail in a post office or a courier company.

Basically, a mail sorter is the individual who makes it possible for your mail to reach your doorstep.

On the surface, it seems as a mail sorters have easy jobs.

However, their work is quite difficult as they have to handle many packages, envelops, and parcels in a day which can be physically exhausting.

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a mail sorter. However, previous experience can make it easy for you to acquire this position.

Even if you have worked in a different capacity within a mail room, you will be considered a good person to hire.

As a mail sorter, you will be spending most of your time sitting in a room and sorting mail according to addresses. Your work may also involve dealing with customers looking for lost or delayed mail.

Particularly, the following list of duties sums up the work of a mail sorter. Feel free to use these phrases in a mail sorter resume.

Mail Sorter Job Description

• Receive and check outgoing mail in order to determine destinations.
• Sort out mail such as parcels, envelops, and packages according to their destinations.
• Route mail to correct addresses by using established routing schemes.
• Check information such as addresses and postal codes to ensure that they are correctly placed.
• Pile up mail according to the destination, and bundle them up.
• Assist in the verification of registered mail and articles.
• Operate and maintain mail processing equipment like preparation lines and letter indexing.
• Process underpaid mail and bulk mail lodgments.
• Coordinate efforts with mailmen and couriers in order to ensure timely and accurate delivery.
• Operate scanning equipment to ensure updates on digital databases.
• Attach labels as well as identification materials to packages and envelops.
• Ensure that all packages are handed over to mailmen in a timely fashion.
• Check incoming mail to sort out destination information.
• Clean and maintain mail sorting areas.
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on stamping and mail processing equipment, lest it breaks down mid-process.
• Perform recordkeeping activities in order to ensure that proper incoming and outgoing mail records are maintained.
• Create and maintain effective relationships with customers to help them locate lost mail.
• Make corrections on addresses, especially postal codes.
• Help carriers organize their routes to ensure efficient delivery.

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