Residential Youth Counselor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 23, 2017

Cover letters can be the most intimate of professional documents. They let employers peek into what your professional worth is while providing them with a glimpse of your personal self as well.

This is being pointed out to provide you with information on how important it is to make sure that your cover letter is worth the time that an employer will spend reading it, and judging you.

There isn’t too much that you have to look into when creating a residential youth counselor cover letter. The cover letter can be automatically generated once you know where to start. And once you start writing a cover letter, you will discover that it isn’t difficult to write at all.

The flow of a cover letter eventually decides if it will be considered worth the reader’s time. Put in as much information as you can, without stealing the thunder from your resume. By all means, build up on the information in the resume but never reiterate it. A resume is different from a cover letter – let it remain that way.

What you need to put in your cover letter depends highly on what you are trying to achieve. A cover letter written for a position for which you have experience will be a little different from when you write one without the benefit of experience.

Here is a sample of the former one:


Residential Youth Counselor Cover Letter Sample



968 West Street
Preston, ID 85447

July 23, 2017

Mr. Gregory Portman
Hiring Manager
AA Haven
200 N 5th W
Preston, ID 64520


Dear Mr. Portman:

My expertise in handling a busy youth residential facility can be judged from my extensive contribution to implementing systems, and managing sticky situations at my present place of work. Bringing this expertise forward, I offer my services in a similar capacity at AA Haven.

With a flexible and upbeat attitude, along with immense leadership qualities, I have successfully screened, evaluated and trained young persons to become solid members of the society. Controlling erratic behavior, educating youths on health and hygiene issues, planning and encouraging youths to participate in recreational activities, and ensuring their overall safety and wellbeing is my forte.

As an experienced residential youth counselor, I have been actively involved in providing both group and individual counseling to youths within the residential program, making it possible for them to integrate into the community by commanding respect.

It would be a pleasure to meet with you in person and provide you with a wider overview of my activities in the past, and how I can replicate them for your facility in the future. I will be in touch to set uo an interview time, and can be reached at (000) 524-8547 if required.




Anna Smith

Attachment: Resume