Mental Health Counselor Intern Resume Sample

Updated on: March 21, 2020
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Mental health support is a huge concern in these times of extreme stress.

Hence, mental health counselors have a great future as far as their careers are concerned.

You have to start out as an intern, and gradually make your way up to a licensed mental health counselor.

In order to apply for a mental health counselor intern position, you must write a resume to provide information about your education, and interest in this regard.

As a mental health counselor, it is imperative that your resume shows your knowledge of providing mental health services, and assisting with mental health issues.

It should also highlight your ability to conduct comprehensive assessments for mental health and / or substance abuse treatment.

You can build your resume by keeping the following sample in front of you:

Mental Health Counselor Intern Resume Example

Olivia Benedict
821 Town Street, Oakland, CA12121
(000) 345-3125

Compassionate individual, with a deep interest in assisting patients to develop social and psychological plans aimed at cultivating new interests. Proven ability to provide consultation and case management support. Excellent knowledge of working with individuals, groups, and communities to improve mental health.

Bachelor’s Degree in Mental Health
California State University, Oakland, CA – 2020
• Statistical Reasoning • Rehabilitation
• Human Development • Clinical Psychology
• Human Relations • Group Dynamics
• Healthcare Management • Public Health
• Case Management • Family Advocacy

Academic Achievements
• Deemed as the best student for 2 years in a row, owing to extraordinary academic excellence
• Made it to the Dean’s list 3 times, along with receiving High Achiever’s Award

• Patient Encouragement • Assessment and Evaluation
• Goals Defining • Therapeutic Process Development
• Mental Healthcare • Therapy Monitoring
• Service Plan Development • Documentation


Chesterfield Mental Health, Oakland, CA
2/2020 – Present

• Assisted in providing mental health services, aimed at patient recovery
• Conducted intakes and monitored individual and group therapies
• Provided mental health assessments and counseling
• Encouraged patients to express their feelings and discuss fears
• Guided clients in skills and strategies to aid mental health
• Created and maintained treatment records and reports
• Assisted in handling crises incidents involving patients
• Assessed patients for suicide risks
• Supported the development and implementation of mental health plans

• Volunteered services at Oakland Mental Health Facility for 2 years, during summer breaks
• Initiated a series of walks to increase mental health awareness

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