12 Payroll Coordinator Skills Statements for Resume

Updated on: August 20, 2022

Resumes and cover letters (or any other job application documents) are seldom about what you want. They all focus on what the specific demands or requirements of a prospective employer are.

Most employers want to know how skilled you are at a Payroll Coordinator job before they decide to hire you – or even call you in for an interview.

Give them what they want. Make sure that your resume has a section that is dedicated to your skills only.

It may be a tad unfair to claim that the skills section is the most critical part of the resume.

But the skills section is a critical one. Employers would give an eye and a tooth to hire people who need little or no training, saving them from the trouble of putting candidates through rigorous training sessions.

Of course, a trained and skilled employee also means less money spent on skills development exercises.

Since employers do not know you well, it is essential to introduce yourself through your skills.

This can be effectively done by jotting down statements that define you as a competent person, who can handle challenging tasks, and come out shining.

To see how you can articulate your skills in a payroll coordinator resume or payroll coordinator cover letter, refer to the skills statements provided below:

12 Sample Hard Skills Statements for Payroll Coordinator Resume

  1. Expert in working with recruiters, account managers, and accounts staff to handle payroll management work.
  2. Highly skilled in assisting with payroll systems for employees, by processing periodic payrolls, including commissions and bonuses.
  3. Well-versed in setting up and providing completion assessment on all new hire personnel files.
  4. Deep insight into assisting with ongoing maintenance of existing employees, in terms of payroll and human resources.
  5. Familiar with auditing, correcting, and verifying time and attendance information, and creating reports for payroll, HRIS, and time and attendance.
  6. Proficient in handling payroll adjustments, processing voids and reissues, and coordinating payroll audits and reviews.
  7. Adept at handling payroll logistics, such as printing, packing, and distributing checks to employees and third-party vendors.
  8. Exceptional talent for coordinating manual check requests, and ensuring the accuracy of the information on submitted paperwork.
  9. Proven record of effectively serving as a liaison between the payroll department and other departmental organizations.
  10. Exceptionally adept in entering employee information into payroll and timekeeping systems.
  11. Ability to prepare and administer medical support orders, and ensure that they are verified by presiding parties.
  12. Effectively able to respond to payroll-related requests for information from employees, while remaining within company protocol limitations.

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