On Site Coordinator Job Description

Updated on: August 6, 2016

Position Overview

On-site coordinators are hired across many industries to assist in hiring, training and overseeing the work of temporary workforces. These individuals need to be exceptionally well-versed in coordinating the different aspects of the work and always come out shining. Coordinating the logistics of staff (whether it is temporary or permanent) is a difficult job and one has to be extremely efficient to work at this position.

While there are no specific academic prerequisites to work as an on-site coordinator, it helps if you have a degree in business or communications. This way, you will be able to understand business processes, client handling and staff management duties, as they relate to the employment world. You will need to be meticulous in all areas, possess exceptional customer service skills and be able to handle people from different backgrounds. Strong communication and people skills are an absolute necessity if you want to work at this position, and organizational and independent working skills are also very important.

It is imperative for on-site coordinators to possess flexible schedules as they often have to work on rotating shifts. The ability to think and react quickly and excellent time management skills are also required if you want to work at this position. Here are some of the duties that you will be performing as an on-site coordinator on a typical day at work:

On Site Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

• Comprehend the requirements of each project by conferring with clients in detail
• Create an outline of staff requirements and go through them in detail with the client
• Look through existing workforce pools to determine which candidates will fit the clients’ needs perfectly
• Coordinate interview dates and times and interview possible candidates for each position
• Hire, train and induct temporary staff members and ensure that they are aware of their duties and timelines
• Assist new staff members in understanding and creating timesheets to log their hours
• Approve timesheets by coordinating efforts with project managers and ensure that payrolls are properly and timely calculated
• Supervise the work of each temporary workforce member to ensure that he or she is working towards the objective of the project
• Take responsibility for basic line management, performance management and grievance support
• Assist line managers in ensuring that all activities are being performed in accordance to both company and client policies
• Handle daily reporting and staff booking activities and handle staff recruitment and registration activities
• Manage and run operations of different shifts and ensure that any rotating shifts are taken into account