A targeted cover letter must be designed to respond to the demands of any given job advertisement. The first step in this regard is to find out about the prospective company and their demands. The letter must then be written keeping the employer’s demands in mind, with the goal of highlighting relevance among the candidate’s skills and required qualifications.

Similarly, an animal foster coordinator’s cover letter must showcase not only animal foster care expertise but also a passion for the same.

Following is one sample cover letter for an animal foster coordinator position.


Animal Foster Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


Martha Timothy

108 Monument Avenue
Dayton, OH 98003
Cellular: (707) 343. 3443
Res: (555) 444-5555
martha.tim @ email . com

December 20, 2013

Dr. Kelly Beck, CEO
Purrs Animal Care
90 Linton Lane
Dayton, OH 98003


Dear Dr. Kelly:

If you are looking to hire a person with great animal caregiving expertise, various animal’s breed recognition and knowledge of breed specific behavioral characteristics, then you shall be interested in considering my attached resume for the position of animal foster coordinator.

Having previous experience of three plus years in the animal care, I offer Purrs Animal care executive skills in dealing with difficult animals, supervising animal caregivers and ensuring appropriate documentation of each animal in the shelter. Being an animal lover and possessing a passion for animals in need of care, I’m exceptionally good at handling sick animals. This quality coupled with my extensive study and knowledge regarding various breeds and their specific characteristics could come in very handy as I take up the position of animal foster coordinator at Purrs.

Some key strengths of my profile contains:

• Knowledge of quality animal care standards set by the animal services
• Proficient in identifying early symptoms of sickness in various breeds and calling for checkups when needed
• Familiar with various animal husbandry, history and safety precautions
• Well versed in pet care advisory services
• Adept at training of volunteer foster animal staff/ workers

Considering the immaculate match among my expertise and your job requirements, I intend to hold an interview meeting with you in order to get a better insight about the position and its demands. I intend to call in at your office next week, to set up an interview date. If you have any queries in the interim, please contact me at the above mentioned phone numbers or email address.



Martha Timothy

Resume Enclosed