Youth Program Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: June 22, 2021

There are many things that you can do to make the best resume for the youth program coordinator position.

A few simple tricks can make everything covered but the effort that goes into doing this is tremendous though.

A youth program coordinator resume that you have created five years ago might not meet the standards of today. Yes, things change quickly in the employment world.

To rehash your resume so that it does meet all the requirements of resume writing and the prospective employer, the following is one of the ways that you can format it:

Youth Program Coordinator Resume Sample

Elizabeth Jenkins
8 Concannon Road
Kingston, NH 54199 
(000) 656-9698
elizabeth.jen @ email . com


A dedicated and experienced youth program coordinator with a solid background in developing short and long-term plans for youth programs, monitoring progress, and assuring adherence to the key directives of the program. Highly qualified in assisting in the design of performance objectives and implementing and monitoring programs to meet set outcomes

• Skilled in supervising line staff by displaying model behavior and maintaining open lines of communication
• Deep insight into designing and executing programs to ensure inclusion of various recreation and self-development programs, set in accordance with individual members’ competencies
• Proficient in providing a workable and effective interface between community partners and members


• Program Administration
• Team Building
• Stress Management
• Requirements Analysis
• Special Events Management
• Training and Coordination
• Expense Tracking and Budgeting
• Volunteers Harmonization
• Counselling
• Program Execution
• Self and Group-care
• Fiscal Operations Management


Youth Program Coordinator
(Mar 2013 – Jan 2021)
• Held 3 team-building exercises, resulting in increased efficiency in terms of meeting program deadlines
• Created and implemented a series of youth programs for age groups between 8 and 18 years
• Coordinated a large event for recruitment of members, resulting in 58% of youngsters between the ages of 10 and 18 enrolled into different program modules
• Introduced the concept of self and group care initiatives, thereby streamlining outdoor activities such as camping and hiking
• Provided logistical support in developing both short and long term program plans and ways of monitoring each module’s progress
• Designed performance measures and perform monitoring activities to ensure that desired outcomes are met
• Developed and implemented periodic youth outreach programs to meet program needs and capacity
• Identified open positions within the program and indulged in hiring and training procedures to fill them
• Supervised daily activities of enrolled members and ensured that all requirements of the program are being filled
• Designed and executed youth program according to each individual member’s ability to cope
• Organized training programs for staff members to ensure delivery of exceptionally well-placed supervision
• Monitored performance of both members and staff to ensure efficient functioning of programs

Youth Volunteer
YOUTH ARE US, Kingston, NH
(Dec 20019 – Mar 2013)
• Assisted in analyzing facility program activities to come up with ways of improving functions
• Provided support in determining requirements of youths in different age brackets
• Prepared program schedules and ensured that they were appropriately followed by all members
• Oversaw the activities of members during program execution to ensure conformance to regulations
• Facilitated each youth program by providing logistical administrative support

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication