Your resume has probably already highlighted your relevant experience and competencies as a short order cook and you might be thinking, what is the purpose of writing a cover letter? Candidates often reflect on whether or not to send a cover when the resume is so comprehensive. The answer is, no matter how well built a resume is, it needs a cover letter to support it.

It is important to understand the purpose of a cover letter before attempting to write one. A cover letter is written to assist the employer in seeing how your skills relate to the hiring firm’s current needs relevant to the position in question. A useful tip for doing this is to identify the organization’s needs and then attempt to counterpart your skills to the same in your cover letter’s main body.



Short Order Cook Cover Letter Sample


Sarah Henry

119 SW 20th Street ● Richmond, VA 75201
(006) 222-5555 ● sarah @ email . com

March 14, 2014

Mr. Fredrick Nelson
HR Director
Café de Reggio
765 Riverside Drive
Richmond, VA 75201


Dear Mr. Nelson:

As an accomplished culinary professional, I would like to apply for the position as a Short Order Cook at Café de Reggio. You have mentioned several requirements in your job posting; reading the same led me to believe you are looking for a person with exactly my skills and expertise. 

I possess extensive skills in sandwich making, cooking quick meals and maintaining the work station in a neat and clean order. Unlike regular short order cooks, my experience has not been limited to daily routine tasks of snack making – I have many innovative and nourishing quick fix snack recipes to my credit. Key competencies include:

❖ Capable of effectively communicating with other chefs and synchronizing the order delivery time for multiple item orders

❖ Able to manage time effectively and come up with required order timely

❖ Familiar with POS system, HACCP procedures and general state issued guidelines pertaining to kitchen hygiene

❖ Natural passion for cooking, ability to develop innovative recipes from scratch, based on the customer’s nutritive needs and preferences in minimal time

❖ Well versed in using the electrical equipment commonly installed in kitchens

Thank you in advance for reviewing my resume. I enthusiastically anticipate discussing my qualifications with you. I shall email you in the next week to validate your interest and furnish you with any additional information you might require before scheduling an interview.



Sarah Henry

Encl. Resume