Short Order Cook Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 16, 2021

It is essential to understand the purpose of a cover letter before attempting to write one. A cover letter is written to assist the employer in seeing how your skills relate to their current needs relevant to the position.

A useful tip for doing this is to identify the organization’s needs and then attempt to relate your skills to the same in your cover letter’s main body.

Have a look at the sample below.

Short Order Cook Cover Letter Sample

Sarah Henry
119 SW 20th Street, Richmond, VA 75201
(000) 214-5487
[email protected]

March 16, 2021

Mr. Fredrick Nelson
HR Director
Café de Reggio
765 Riverside Drive
Richmond, VA 75201

Dear Mr. Nelson:

As an accomplished culinary professional, I would like to apply for the position as a Short Order Cook at Café de Reggio. You have mentioned several requirements in your job posting; reading the same led me to believe you are looking for a person with exactly my skills and expertise. 

I possess extensive skills in sandwich making, cooking quick meals, and maintaining the workstation in neat and clean order. Unlike regular short-order cooks, my experience has not been limited to daily routine tasks of snack making – I have many innovative and nourishing quick fix snack recipes to my credit. Key competencies include:

❖ Capable of effectively communicating with other chefs and synchronizing the order delivery time for multiple item orders.
❖ Able to manage time effectively and come up with the required order timely.
❖ Familiar with POS system, HACCP procedures, and general state-issued guidelines about kitchen hygiene.
❖ A natural passion for cooking, ability to develop innovative recipes from scratch, based on the customer’s nutritive needs and preferences in minimal time.
❖ Well-versed in using the electrical equipment commonly installed in kitchens.

I enthusiastically anticipate discussing my qualifications with you. I will email you next week to confirm your interest and furnish you with any additional information you might require.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sarah Henry

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