A resume for cook position is a short summary of your qualifications, experience, education and accomplishments. It is a marketing tool to attract your prospective employer to invite you to an interview! Employers are looking for well-rounded cooks in their field. Incorporating your qualifications into your resume will show your overall skills and knowledge in the culinary field.

Look at the following Qualifications for a Cook Resume which might be used to make a stand-out resume. You can use these either in Summary of Qualifications or skills section of your resume.


Cook Resume Qualifications

• Strongly familiar with different types of meats and their cooking times

• Well versed in planning menus, establishing size of food portions, estimating food requirements and costs, and ordering supplies

• Skilled in preparing food for cooking and adding appropriate seasoning

• Highly experienced in performing food quality inspections to ensure that all food items conform to hygiene standards

• Well-honed aesthetic skills aimed at arranging and presenting food in a manner pleasing to the eye

• Solid knowhow of carving and preparing different types of meats for boiling, frying and steaming

• Competent at mixing the right amount of ingredients according to weight and type

• Track record of operating big ovens and cooking ranges

• Special talent for preparing different types of cuisines, relishes and salads

• Highly experienced in performing preventative and general maintenance on kitchen equipment

• Hands-on experience in handling cooking staff efficiently and directing it to ensure handling of kitchen functions

• Track record of following best hygiene and sanitation practices aimed at providing quality food services

• Absolute flexibility aimed at trying and testing new recipes in order to add new items to existing menus

• Able to prepare specialized health food items

• Strong background of handling kitchen functions such as supplies and inventory management and cooking staff schedules and records

• Documented success in preparing and cooking special meals for patients as initiated by dietitian or chef

• Demonstrated ability to set up and supervise buffets

• Able to maintain accurate inventory and records of food, supplies and utensils

• Committed to maintain a clean kitchen and work area