Cook Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated June 26, 2021
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Position Overview

Cooks work in a variety of settings such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, cafeterias, and residential halls/buildings.

Their main work remains the same even if some minor differences have to be taken into account in different settings.

Cooks cook food – that much is obvious. But cooking is not all that they do. They have to perform a lot of other duties as well including menu planning and kitchen staff handling.

The main work of a cook is to make sure that all menu items are cooked according to set recipes. Cooks enlist the help of prep or line cooks to assist them in food preparation activities.

They provide them with information on what to cut, peel, and cube and then use the ingredients to make items off the menu.

Here is a list of typical duties and responsibilities cooks perform:

Sample Job Description for Cook Resume

• Assist managers in deciding menu items and create recipes according to the specifics of each cuisine.

• Prepare ingredients such as meats, fruits, and vegetables to be used in creating dishes.

• Mix ingredients and seasonings according to set recipes and ensure that the blend is savory.

• Create nutritional meal plans and combos to cater to the specific needs of target customers.

• Prepare meals using equipment such as stoves, ovens, and grills.

• Set kitchen equipment to appropriate heat and check on dishes as they are cooked.

• Inspect food preparation activities to ensure that they are being carried out properly by line cooks and food preparers.

• Test cooked/baked/grilled items to ensure that they conform to taste and quality standards.

• Portion and arrange food items on platters and dishes in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

• Estimate food consumption and ensure that appropriate amounts of food items are available at all times.

• Bake bread and cakes and other desserts and ensure that they are artistically decorated.

• Ascertain the overall cleanliness and sanitization of the kitchen such as floors, washing areas, and counters.

• Handle preventative and regular maintenance activities on kitchen equipment such as ovens, grills, and dishwashers.

Position Requirements

It is important for cooks to love their work. Many cooks possess culinary degrees – some are hired just because they have it in them to create delicious and aesthetically pleasing dishes.

As a cook, you will have to be genuinely interested in your work and ensure that you cook according to set standards of food safety and hygiene.

You will also need to plan and price menu items by conferring with the management of the establishment that you are working for.