Staffing Consultant Cover Letter Sample

Updated April 4, 2017

Imagine what a prospective employer would do if he could design the perfect employee. But to do this, you have to first determine what it is that the employer wants in a perfect employee. Scanning the job posting that has you all excited about a vacant position is step one. Read and reread the posting several times to determine what the employer’s specific requirements are. And then create a cover letter that corresponds to it. Easier said than done? You are not wrong!

Writing a cover letter that will actually appeal to a hiring manager is hardly easy. But since this is the only way that you can reach out to a prospective employer at his or her level, it is a necessity. Your cover letter should be exceptional in all areas. Whether you are talking about your skills or spelling out your achievements, everything should be done in a structured manner. How? This way:


Staffing Consultant Cover Letter Sample


April 4, 2017

Mr. Gregory Bay
Human Resource Manager
BBVA Compass
55 Trekking Road
Boomer, WV 58585


Dear Mr. Bay:

Your need for a staffing consultant to recruit qualified applicants post intense screening and scrutinizing, hit home with my professional experience and expertise, as my resume reveals. You will note that there is quite a match between your requirements and my qualifications, especially where you have specified that BBVA Compass is looking for someone who can effectively evaluate current selection tools and recommend new ones to ensure the most suitable job match is identified.

With many years of staffing experience, combined with my talent for process improvements, high ethical standards and technology comprehension, I am confident of my ability to conduct screening interviews for multi-level professional and management positions. With my ability to source for qualified applicants using various recruitment tools and resources to ensure identification of qualified candidates in a timely manner, you have everything to gain. As someone who is experienced in coordinating and overseeing the scheduling and logistics necessary for candidate interviews, and possessing the ability to effectively participate in interview processes, I am sure that the detailed information on my resume will be of great interest to you.

I would be happy to discuss my candidature with you in a face to face meeting, and to specifically provide you with insight on my suitability to work as a staffing consultant at BBVA Compass. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jessica Bale

(000) 222–4141