Residential Electrician Resume Sample

Updated on: December 8, 2018

A residential electrician resume needs to be highly convincing.

If you want the recruiter to consider your application, make sure that your resume holds all the information that he or she needs.

Typically, information of skills, education, and experience needs to be made part of the resume.

However, if you put in achievements such as minimizing downtime, your resume will be considered excellent.

As a residential electrician, it is important that you highlight your skills, such as installing wiring as well as maintaining systems.

Here is a resume sample for residential electrician position:



Residential Electrician Resume Sample


Jacob Holmes
89 Tent Road, Grand Rapids, MI37623
(000) 999-9999


• Competent residential electrician with 7+ years of experience installing as well as maintaining complex electrical systems.
• Implemented a backup system, as a result, minimized downtime by 50%.
• Devised a fixture replacement system, increasing efficiency by 85% consequently.
• Introduced a troubleshooting system, hence, decreased subsequent breakdowns.
• Significantly improved voltage issues, by installing dedicated power supply systems.


Downtime Minimization Tools Use Equipment Maintenance
Fixture Replacement Conduit Placement Trench Digging
Blueprints Comprehension Troubleshooting Safety Management
Voltage Management Inspection Installation Planning


Residential Electrician
Electrical Problems Solved, Grand Rapids, MI | 2016 – Present
• Inspect residential buildings in order to determine electrical installation requirements.
• Check plans and blueprints to find out installation metrics.
• Provide customers with cost information.
• Create and execute electrical wiring plans for well-functioning lighting and intercom systems.
• Install safety and distribution components such as switches and circuit breakers.
• Prepare and assemble conduits.

Residential Electrician
ABC CO, Grand Rapids, MI | 2013-2016
• Connected wiring through conduits.
• Installed backup systems in order to ensure minimal downtime.
• Inspected and replaced old wiring as part of the preventative maintenance program.
• Performed troubleshooting activities.
• Detected hazards or malfunctions and repaired them immediately.

Electrical Apprentice
Nantucket Electrical Services, Grand Rapids, MI |2012-2013
• Dug trenches, and laid wires according to instructions.
• Installed and maintained electrical controls, and wiring.
• Inspected transformers and circuit breakers in order to detect issues.
• Assisted in repairing and replacing electrical wiring and fixtures.
• Obtained tools such as wire cutters and splicers, and handed them to electricians as and when needed.
• Oversaw the inventory of tools and equipment required for electrical work.
• Ensured cleanliness and maintenance of work areas after each project.

High School Diploma
Grand Rapids High School, Grand Rapids, MI – 2009

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