Leadman Resume Sample

Updated on: October 26, 2017


There is a lot of effort expected on your part where Leadman resume writing is concerned.

If your resume is below par, it won’t have much of a chance.

Here is a format that you can use to write a good resume:






Leadman Resume Example



Scott Brown

41 Bradley Avenue, Norfolk, VA 19998
(000) 123-3432 | scottbrown @ email . com


Resourceful and determined Leadman with exceptional leadership skills and 12 years of extensive experience working in the construction arena. Ability to oversee several teams of constructions workers, ensuring that all assigned work is managed within specified timeframes. Preplans work activities to develop best means and methods to ensure success of work plans.


✓ Staff Scheduling ✓ Work Planning ✓ Materials Procurement
✓ Inventory Management ✓ Training and Development ✓ Resource Management
✓ Expenditure Monitoring ✓ Progress Reporting ✓ Safety Education
✓ Downtime Minimization ✓ Requisition Initiation ✓ Quality Inspection


• Simultaneously led 3 teams of construction workers to handle 3 major projects, all of which were brought to fruition within provided timelines.
• Increased the quality of work by performing regular quality inspections on all work sites.
• Minimized construction work downtime, by employing the services of 2 teams at the same time.
• Trained over 100 crew members in different disciplines of expertise, in the past 5 years.


Crowder Construction Co., Norfolk, VA | 6/2010 – Present
• Create and develop work plans for all construction workers, and ensure that they are properly implemented.
• Monitor schedules and ensure that they are tweaked to meet the dynamic needs of each project.
• Assume charge of all workers on assigned worksites, to ensure that all are working according to schedules.
• Ascertain that all crew members possess the tools and equipment necessary for their jobs.
• Oversee the work progress of each worker, ensuring that both timelines and specific instructions are being followed.
• Instruct workers to don safety attire, and adhere to safety rules during the course of their time on the worksite.
• Oversee the procurement of supplies and equipment, ensuring that inventory levels are properly maintained.
• Create and submit progress reports of each assigned project, on a periodic basis.

Construction Worker
Stratham Construction Company, Norfolk, VA | 2/2006 – 5/2010
• Assessed blueprints and building drawings to determine work plans.
• Acquired resources and supplies at the beginning of each shift, ensuring that all is in order.
• Performed construction work such as digging trenches, and placing bricks and mortar according to schedules.
• Ascertained that all safety requirements were fulfilled throughout the course of the shift.
• Performed preventative maintenance on all assigned tools and equipment, ensuring that they are properly stored at the end of the shift.

Norfolk High School, Norfolk, VA – 2005
High School Diploma