Bill Collector Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 14, 2018

Bill collectors are responsible for soliciting payments from delinquent account holders. They need to possess excellent telephone etiquette and the ability to work well under pressure.

The following cover letter sample shows just how much mettle an employer is expecting in a prospective bill collector.



Bill Collector Cover Letter for Resume



827 Floyd Street
Augusta, GA 24373

August 14, 2018

Ms. Emma Aiden
Manager HR
Triumph Collection Services
553 Hemingway Drive
Augusta, GA 36351


Dear Ms. Aiden:

Having heard that there is an open position for a Bill Collector at Triumph Collection Services, I’d like to offer my services for this job. As an enthusiastic individual with over three years of experience in the similar capacity, I am confident that I possess the determination to work exceptionally well in the role of a Bill Collector.

As noted in my resume, I have worked with different collection agencies of Augusta, which is why I possess the proper etiquette to confer with customers via mail, email or phone to ensure quick payments. I am highly skilled in preventing losses by monitoring customer account balances, informing client with exceeded balances and holding service of high-risk accounts.

Furthermore, I possess the ability to manage irate customers by keeping myself calm at all time. More often than not, I have been successful in quietening down customers by offering easy payback methods – it almost always works! Additionally, I possess a profound knowledge of legalities that are associated with soliciting payments and ensure that I stay within the set barriers.

I am convinced that my experience and qualifications make me a very suitable candidate for this position. I’d like to meet you personally to discuss how I may contribute to your organization. To confirm the delivery of my job application and to set an interview date, I’ll call your office after two weeks. In the meantime, I may be reached at (000) 215-5555.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Catherine Cane

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