Job Overview

School clerks provide support services to a school office by managing student and staff records, performing receptionist duties and assisting teachers with information collection. People applying for this position will need to depict their communication and organizational skills in a cover letter when applying for a job.

A cover letter for School Clerk job introduces you and your enclosed resume to the hiring committee of school and motivates them to meet you. It should be written in a compelling way that capture the attention of the hiring manager and exchange a few words about what you could contribute to that particular school.

Similarly, when sending your School Clerk Resume online to prospective school districts, it should always be accompanied by an email cover letter.


School Clerk Cover Letter Sample


8901 W Robin Road
Salt Lake City, UT 55553

May 11, 2017

Mr. Quentin Tarinteeno
SLC High School
27 Ovation Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 63511


Dear Mr. Tarinteeno:

I would like to be considered for the position of School Clerk at SLC High School. With excellent secretarial and record keeping skills, I am confident that I am a strong candidate for this position.

Since I worked extensively in clerical roles, I am expert to perform all tasks associated with this position. My ability to manage basic office procedures such as data entry and retrieval, taking calls and performing reception duties would be very beneficial for your district. I take pride in my aptitude to manage the more intense functions of this job including scheduling activities and creating action plans. My supervisors recognized my proficiency in assisting with payroll activities and organizing calendars.

I am confident that I have much to add to your school in terms of work and responsibility and offer my resume as a first step in the hiring process. I will call you after some days to ask for an interview and will be available at (000) 415-7845 if you would like to get in touch with me before we get a chance to set up a mutually convenient time for meeting.

Thank you for your tie and consideration.



Kimberley Collins

Enc. Resume