20 Police Records Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: November 18, 2020
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Police records clerks hold important positions, which is why they are hired after much scrutiny.

The interview process to hire them may be a bit more complicated than for other positions. That is why you have to make sure that you prepare well in advance for the interview process so that you can be considered highly for the position.

During the police records clerk interview, you will need to answer questions regarding your knowledge of handling and storing important and confidential information.

You may also be asked some situational questions that are aimed at finding out how well you handle multitasking and other work.

Some interview questions and answers for a police records clerk position are provided here for your reference:

Police Records Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I have worked as a police records clerk for 3 years. I am trained in handling sensitive and confidential data. I chose to work in this position because I felt that I am exceptionally organized and well-balanced. And I have shown through my achievements that I can be trusted to do big things.

2. What duties have you performed while working as a police records clerk?

As a police records clerk, I have been handling a wide array of duties, including editing police reports, producing accurate arrest warrants, and performing data entry of citations and warning tickets. In addition, I have been busy maintaining the police records management filing system, as well as receiving and processing payments for requests for police, crash, and arrest reports.

3. What is the one skill that you depend highly on when working at this position?

I believe that one has to be highly organized and insightful when working as a police records clerk. I am both, and I depend highly on these skills to perform my work in an orderly and accurate fashion.

4. How did you find out about this job?

I have subscribed to a few job forums, and this particular opportunity came upon one of them.

5. Why do you want to work for our department particularly?

I have heard and seen great things that have transpired from your department. I see that you run a tight ship, and the results are amazing. I want to be part of your team so that I can learn from the best, and eventually contribute to the department.

6. What do you like about this work?

Since I am a highly organized individual, I love working in settings where I can successfully employ my talents. Records management and indexing is the perfect place to do this. And since I have an inherent love for law enforcement, working in such an environment is actually icing on the cake!

7. What do you dislike about this work?

I have yet to come across something that I dislike about this work.

8. What is your greatest strength?

My insightfulness is my greatest strength. It helps me determine incorrect records, and discrepancies with great ease.

9. What is your greatest weakness?

Sometimes I feel that I pay too much attention when ensuring data integrity. I do more than is needed, and I am always afraid that I will take too much time on it.

10. How do you propose to handle this situation?

I have been working on myself to make sure that I stop while I am ahead. I am more than halfway there and hope to reach near-perfection soon.

11. What have you learned from your mistakes in this role?

I have learned that you cannot spend too much time on one thing, and expect to meet your deadlines.

12. What has been the worst challenge that you have faced?

I was once given over 5000 records to convert from paper form to electronic. And I had to do them all in 3 days. A couple of double shifts and no lunch breaks later, I managed to convert them all within the provided deadline.

13. Tell us of a time that you had an altercation with a coworker.

Recently, I felt that a colleague was being a little careless with his posting. I mentioned as much to him, and he got antsy. Since I was not going to let it go because it would have affected the overall work, I stood my ground. It did get a bit ugly, but then I backed down and reported the incident.

14. Do you sometimes find it difficult to handle too many things at the same time?

Not at all. I find multitasking quite easy, as I am an inherently organized individual.

15. What have you done to improve your knowledge since last year?

I have enrolled myself in 2 training programs since last year. One was through the police department that I was working for, and the other was my own initiative.

16. How do you handle adversity at work?

I am an easy person to work with, and do not like getting into altercations generally. When adversity does come about, I pull myself out of it and concentrate on my work.

17. What is the most important thing about working as a police records clerk?

I feel that the whole work is important. I cannot pinpoint one thing that more important than the other. However, if you talk about priorities, confidentiality, and data integrity are my topmost priorities.

18. Tell us of a recent achievement that you have to your name.

I recently discovered that a large amount of data posted by another police records clerk was inconsistent. This could have had a terribly negative effect on the integrity of the overall system. Without pointing out who did it, I managed to correct and correlate the data, saving the department from being penalized by internal auditors.

19. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

5 years from now, I hope to be working in a supervisory role, within a police records management capacity.

20. Do you have any questions for me?

I am interested in knowing what your department did in order to be considered the best in the county.

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