Tank Cleaner Resume Sample

Updated May 16, 2019

There is a certain way in which your resume for a tank cleaner position must be worded – and formatted.

And you cannot expect to be given an interview chance if your resume is not according to the specifications of the hiring manager.


When writing your resume, you must focus on your knowledge of cleaning storage and oil tanks, as well as other types of tanks and boilers.

This information will go down well with the hiring manager, as he or she will be able to determine what you are capable of doing.

A resume sample for a tank cleaner position is provided here:


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Tank Cleaner Resume Sample


Wendy Myres
19 Doug Lane, Wheeling, WV79393
(000) 999-9999


Competent and qualified tank cleaner, with 7+ years of extensive experience in cleaning and sanitizing boilers and tanks. Highly skilled in managing the upkeep and maintenance of different types of tanks. Proven ability to handle physically challenging tasks.


Interior Cleaning
Scraping and Scrubbing
Chemical Residue Removal
Equipment Use
Tank Replenishment
Chemicals Use
Preventative Maintenance
Safety Management


  • Implemented a preventative maintenance system, consequently, reduced need for cleaning.
  • Introduced a unique tank replenishment system, as a result, reduced replenishment time by 50%.
  • Devised a scraping system, therefore, decreased the time it took to clean oil tanks by 65%.
  • Recognized early signs of boiler contamination, hence, saved thousands from the imminent disease.


Tank Cleaner
Epsilon Systems, Wheeling, WV | 2013-present

  • Inspect assigned tanks in order to determine the need for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Determine the right tools and supplies needed to clean and sanitize tanks.
  • Drain tanks so that they can be easily cleaned.
  • Enter tanks, and further inspect what needs to be done in terms of cleaning.
  • Clean tanks using different methods, such as sweeping, mopping, and shoveling.
  • Collect waste and ensure that it is properly shoveled into buckets.
  • Use designated equipment to clean and sanitize tank interiors.
  • Refill tanks to the previous levels.
  • Educate clients about maintaining the cleanliness of tanks.
  • Create and maintain logs of all cleaning and maintenance work performed.

Cleaning Aide
Tradebe Services, Wheeling, WV | 2011-2013

  • Gathered and disposed of debris from tanks.
  • Assisted in draining tanks so that they could be cleaned.
  • Refilled tanks at the end of each cleaning process.
  • Arranged for supplies and tools, such as squeegees and shovels to be made available.


High School Diploma
Wheeling High School, Wheeling, WY

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