Day Care Worker Resume Sample With 5 Tips

Updated: July 10, 2020

The old way to craft a daycare worker’s resume is to write all that you’ve done. A new way to make your resume is to write only your daycare skills and experiences. 

The following guidelines and a daycare worker resume sample will help you with writing a winning resume.

How to Write a Winning Resume for Day Care Worker?

  1. Start your resume with a daycare summary statement. Or you may use daycare worker objective only if you have less or no experience in hand.
  2. Write your professional highlights and skills using keywords provided by the employer in the job description.
  3. Mention your child care achievements in a separate section.
  4. Write only relevant experiences.
  5. Give information about your education and certifications.

Sample Resume for Day Care Worker

Delia Ortega
4567 Jackson Heights, New York City, NY 10007
(000) 104-4741
[email protected]

Committed to bringing a positive change in children’s life.

Self-motivated and child care-oriented Day Care Worker with 11 years of extensive experience in nurturing children towards developing their life skills and mental capabilities. Great sense of responsibility coupled with a natural love for children. Proven track record of developing and implementing curriculum to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of the children.

• Supervise children successfully while maintaining discipline.
• Solve children’s everyday problems related to emotional stress and health.
• Provide a safe environment that will help the children grow and develop, and ready them to start school.

• Mental development • Encouragement
• Lunch supervision • Emotional health
• Self-Esteem building • Time management
• Safety regulations • Positive guidance
• Counseling • Child psychology
• Discipline implementation • Communication

• Implement a unique curriculum to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of the children.
• Cultivate the children’s reading ability which resulted in a 17% increase n children who could read by the time they started school.
• Implemented progress and problem updating system with the result that parents could better help with their child’s development needs
• Saved a choking child’s life by the quick implementation of CPR


Day Care Worker | 6/2013 – Present
ABC Company, New York City, NY 
• Design and implement children’s curriculum to meet their physical, social and emotional needs.
• Nurture the children through their reading activities, ensuring they know the basics of reading by the time they start school.
• Teach numbers in a fun, cheerful way, guaranteeing that they can count up to 20 by the beginning of regular school.
• Supervise the children at all times, and implement strict adherence to safety rules and regulations.
• Set up policies and procedures that ensure discipline without being suffocating for the children.
• In case of need, perform emergency procedures such as First Aid and CPR.

Day Care Worker | 8/2008 – 6/2013
We Care, New York City, NY
• Provided a comfortable environment for the children in which they felt emotionally secure.
• Took responsibility for rest time for each child.
• Created and maintained confidential files on every child.
• Kept parents and guardians informed of the child’s progress.

Day Care Assistant | 1/2007 – 8/2008
Benson Day Care, New York City, NY 

• Helped children with reading and learning to count.
• Participated in story-time, giving each child a chance to ask questions.
• Supervised the children at nap time and during lunch hours.
• Assisted in implementing disciplinary procedures.
• Created and maintained records of each child’s development.
• Interacted with parents and guardians to update them on the child’s progress.

Associate’s Degree in Education
New York Community College, New York City, NY

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