Day Care Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on July 15, 2015

Day care assistants may work on two planes – home day care and in actual daycare settings. Mostly, they work in the latter setting where their job is to assist teachers in a daycare in handling children aged a few months, all the way to 10 years. They work with teachers to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment while their parents are away.

Working parents often opt for the services of a day care facility where they can leave their children who are not yet of school-going age or those who get off from school before the parents do. This is a perfect arrangement. People hired in day care facilities are done so after quite a lot of scrutiny as there are children involved. Day care assistants need to be well-versed in handling the varying (and often demanding) needs of children and they may also be required to provide them with some level of education.

Many day care facilities offer pre-preschool courses where children are taught preliminary concepts, so that they are prepared once they enter preschool. It is the job of a day care assistant to make sure that children are fed properly and that their emotional needs are met. Day care teachers provide assistants with a list of work duties that they have to perform in a day, often assigning them particular students. It is up to the assistants to make sure that they do their work according to the instructions provided.

Here is a list of duties that day care assistant perform in a day:

Sample Job Description for Day Care Assistant Resume

• Supervise the safety and wellbeing of children under care by providing them physical and emotional support
• Communicate with each child by understanding his or her individual needs and look for signs of distress
• Prepare meals according to specific instructions provided for each child and encourage children to eat them
• Change diapers and bathe babies if they soil themselves and prepare formula bottles for them
• Develop schedules and routines to make sure that children take part in enough physical activities
• Watch out for signs of emotional and physical developmental problems and inform day care management about them
• Plan indoor and outdoor activities for children and oversee them
• Comfort children when they are crying and report any behavioral issues immediately
• Work with parent volunteers to come up with activities and program planning
• Create an optimal learning environment and assist teachers in preparing and executing lessons
• Maintain records of enrolled children in a confidential manner