Child Care Owner Resume Sample

Updated on: July 18, 2018


Your resume for Child Care Owner position should show your qualifications and experiences that make you a great contender for a job. If it does this successfully, you have a great chance at obtaining a child care job.



Child Care Owner Resume Example



Ethan Manning
1392 Hearsay Place, Clearwater, FL 18344
(000) 999-9999


Exceptionally talented childcare professional with over 7 years of experience in heading a busy child care center. Effectively able to hire and train teachers and support staff, to ensure delivery of exceptionally well-placed care to enrolled children. Proven ability to train child care staff members to provide nurturing and fulfilling care to the wards.

• Singlehandedly began and ran a child care center, which was considered one of the finest in the state.
• Implemented a core teacher training program, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the archaic method being used.
• Increased the safety of children within the premises, by implementing a core safety program.
• Successfully developed an inclusion program, which helped students with special needs, work hand in hand with regular students.
• Established policies and procedures for staff members to work within.
• Focused on the health and wellbeing of enrolled children.
• Established budgets, and setting fees for each child care program.


• Human Resources • Program Development • Teacher Training
• Conflicts Management • Child Wellbeing • Parent Liaison
• Facilities Management • Staff/Student Safety • Staff Oversight
• Records Management • Outreach • Developmental Problems


Child Care Center Owner
The Little Rainbow, Clearwater, FL                 2014-present
• Perform human resource functions to interview, hire, and train child care staff members.
• Engage teachers and support staff members in conversation to determine their specific child care strengths.
• Provide training to teachers and child care support staff members, to ensure that they remain on par with each other.
• Oversee the delivery of child care and education to students on a daily basis.
• Intervene in any situations of concern, requiring immediate attention, aiming to ensure student wellbeing and safety.
• Create different programs to meet to the individual needs of each child, and modify them as needed.
• Create and maintain records of enrolled students, in a safe and confidential manner.
• Manage the facility’s finances in an efficient manner, and establish fee structures, and charges.

Child Care Worker
Tiny Hearts, Clearwater, FL                    2011-2014
• Engaged all students in conversation to determine their specific strengths and limitations.
• Provided instruction to assigned students, regarding reading, and writing, and assisted them with issues.
• Ensured that each student was happy and comfortable in his or her own setting, and provided assistance where required.
• Implemented curriculums/lessons in a manner conducive to the individual needs of each child.
• Maintained attendance records, ensuring that confidentiality and accuracy were made priorities.

Florida State University, Clearwater, FL
Bachelor’s Degree in Montessori Education