TJ Maxx Cashier Cover Letter Sample

December 26, 2018

TJ Maxx Cashier Cover Letter Sample BannerA TJ Maxx cashier will need to write a solid cover letter. The cover letter will include the individual’s ability to handle cashiering as well as retail services.

In order to write a good cover letter for a cashier position at TJ Maxx, it is important to highlight information regarding handling complex POS systems.

In addition, it is imperative to include accomplishments in a similar role.

As a matter of fact, a TJ Maxx cashier must emphasize on his or her abilities regarding discrepancy handling and drawer balancing.

Since cashiers work in a sensitive position, they need to be able to handle issues that may arise.

Equally important is for a TJ Maxx cashier to highlight his or her ability to handle the sales part of the work, especially during rush hours, and holiday seasons.

A TJ Maxx cashier cover letter sample is provided below:


TJ Maxx Cashier Cover Letter Sample


November 25, 2018

Mr.Frank Rooster
Human Resource Manager
TJ Maxx
9023 Olive Road
Sun Valley, ID62012


Dear Mr. Rooster:

I have recently moved to Sun Valley, ID from Hilo, HI, where I was working as a cashier at TJ Maxx. Seeing the open position for a cashier, I could not help but explore it.

My experience in a cashier position is vast. Despite the many challenges associated with this work, I have always come out on top. Regardless of the pressure of work, I have always handled cashiering duties diligently.

As a cashier at TJ Maxx, I have learned much about the work such as operating POS systems, balancing cash drawers, and handling discrepancies. My ability to process both cash and credit card payments is profound. Moreover, I am an expert at handling refunds and exchanges according to protocol.

In addition, I am well-versed in establishing and identifying prices of goods and can tabulate bills using calculators, cash registers, and price scanners.

As far as my retail abilities are concerned, I can provide customers with the right information regarding products, as well as perform cross-selling activities. In fact, I have actively handled both retail and cashiering part of the work simultaneously for 3 months, in the absence of 2 retail representatives.

I will call you after some days to set up a meeting date and time. If you need to reach me for further information in the meantime, please call at (000) 999-9656.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.




Stacy Grover

Enc: (Resume)

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