Maintenance Planner Resume Sample

May 30, 2018

Maintenance planner resume writing takes a lot of time and effort.

A mere 15 minutes is not enough.

Time, effort, and an excellent format to base your resume on (like the one provided below) are sufficient to make your resume a success story.




Maintenance Planner Resume Example



Edwin Cole
25 Beat Road, Fredrick, MD13832
(000) 999-9999


Highly skilled maintenance planner with over 12 years of experience of making continuous improvements to all maintenance tasks and activities. Exceptionally well-versed in upholding safety, health, and environmental procedures, and maximizing maintenance resources.

• Effectively able to develop full scope of work needed, including cost and time, to conduct proper repair and maintenance activities.
• Demonstrated expertise in creating and implementing preventative, regular, and predictive maintenance plans.
• Deeply familiar with preparing job plans for scheduling purposes, and ensuring that they are correctly implemented.
• Exceptionally talented in determining the sequence of associated tasks, ensuring that they are implemented in order.


Resource Maximization Process Improvement Communication
Documentation Management Tasks Sequencing Procedure Maintenance
Requisition Initiation Departmental Liaison Work Order Tracking
Action Plans Priority Setting Shutdown Implementation

• Developed and implemented a series of maintenance action plans, which proved to be highly efficient, and easy to follow.
• Introduced the concept of planned shutdowns, minimizing downtime, and maximizing output.
• Implemented a task sequencing system, which reduced problems associated with performing structured maintenance tasks.
• Improved maintenance processes by a staggering 75%, by implementing core maintenance strategies.


Maintenance Planner
Pinnacle Foods, Fredrick, MD | 2011-Present
• Identify the scope and analysis of required planning levels and overall scheduling of maintenance tasks.
• Prioritize corrective and project work orders to be planned and scheduled.
• Identify safety hazards associated with planning maintenance activities, and ensure that they are resolved.
• List all materials and special tools required for each maintenance activity, and ensure that they are obtained.
• Estimate cost of all work orders, concerning labor, materials, and the total.
• Compile equipment information into job packages, clearly communicating critical steps in each stage.
• Ascertain that job plans comply with all requirements, protocols, procedures, and regulations.
• Develop and implement job plans that are logically sequenced for safe execution.

Assistant Maintenance Planner
INEOS, Fredrick, MD | 2005-2011
• Assisted in developing  – maintenance plans, in preventative, predictive, and regular streams.
• Ascertained that all maintenance plans appropriately administered, according to established protocols.
• Scheduled maintenance activities on production lines, ensuring that breakdowns were eliminated.
• Completed purchase requisitions for ordering parts, supplies, and tools.
• Created and maintained logs of all maintenance activities and schedules of each day.

St. Peter’s High School, Fredrick, MD
High School Diploma

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