Maintenance Planner Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: August 18, 2020

Maintenance planner resume writing takes a lot of time and effort. A mere 15 minutes is not enough. Time, effort, and an excellent format to base your resume on (like the one provided below) are sufficient to make your resume a success story.

Sample Resume for Maintenance Planner

Edwin Cole
25 Beat Road, Fredrick, MD13832
(000) 999-9999


Highly skilled maintenance planner with over 12 years of experience making continuous improvements to all maintenance tasks and activities. Exceptionally well-versed in upholding safety, health, and environmental procedures, and maximizing maintenance resources.

• Developing the full scope of work needed, including cost and time, to conduct proper repair and maintenance activities.
• Creating and implementing preventative, regular, and predictive maintenance plans.
• Preparing job plans for scheduling purposes while ensuring that they are correctly implemented.
• Determining the sequence of associated tasks, ensuring that they are implemented in order.

• Resource Maximization
• Process Improvement
• Communication
• Documentation Management
• Tasks Sequencing
• Procedure Maintenance
• Requisition Initiation
• Work Order Tracking

• Developed and implemented a series of maintenance action plans, which proved to be highly efficient, and easy to follow.
• Introduced the concept of planned shutdowns, minimizing downtime, and maximizing output.
• Implemented a task sequencing system, which reduced problems associated with performing structured maintenance tasks.
• Improved maintenance processes by a staggering 75%, by implementing core maintenance strategies.


Maintenance Planner
Pinnacle Foods, Fredrick, MD | 2011-Present
• Identify the scope and analysis of required planning levels and overall scheduling of maintenance tasks.
• Prioritize corrective and project work orders to be planned and scheduled.
• Identify safety hazards associated with planning maintenance activities and ensure that they are resolved.
• List all materials and special tools required for each maintenance activity.
• Estimate cost of all work orders, concerning labor, materials, and the total.
• Compile equipment information into job packages, clearly communicating critical steps in each stage.
• Develop and implement job plans that are logically sequenced for safe execution.

Assistant Maintenance Planner
INEOS, Fredrick, MD | 2005-2011
• Assisted in developing maintenance plans, in preventative, predictive, and regular streams.
• Administer all maintenance plans according to protocols.
• Scheduled maintenance activities on production lines, ensuring that breakdowns were eliminated.
• Completed purchase requisitions for ordering parts, supplies, and tools.
• Created and maintained logs of all maintenance activities and schedules of each day.

High School Diploma
St. Peter’s High School, Fredrick, MD

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