Infant Caregiver Resume Sample, Job Description & Skills

Updated on: August 16, 2023

The role of an infant caregiver is to provide nurturing and attentive care to infants, ensuring their safety, well-being, and development. Infant caregivers are responsible for creating a stimulating and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth of infants.

A resume for an infant caregiver position is the primary document that is required by prospective employers. If written with care, an infant caregiver resume can help you get more interviews.

The following resume sample for infant/child caregivers will provide you with the needed idea on how to write your own.

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Sample Resume for Infant Caregiver Position

Sara Smith
Houston, TX
(000) 987-7689
s.smith @ email . com



  • Very dependable Infant Caregiver with 11+ years’ successful track record of managing the physical and mental development of children and infants.
  • Well-versed with safety issues regarding potential threats and hazards.
  • Excellent time management skills with a special focus on the quality of work.
  • able to remain calm and peaceful in emergency situations and handle adverse situations wisely.
  • Known to develop positive and authentic relationships with families and coworkers.


  • Ability to communicate correctly and efficiently with parents
  • Flexible with child routines
  • Able to judge the situation and react speedily
  • Proven record of working with infants of different age groups


Infant Caregiver
Houston Infant Caregiving, Houston, TX   
2013 – Present

  • Provide attentive and nurturing care to infants aged 0-12 months.
  • Create a safe and hygienic environment for infants, ensuring their well-being and comfort.
  • Follow established routines for feeding, sleeping, and playtime.
  • Engage infants in age-appropriate activities to promote their physical and cognitive development.
  • Communicate daily with parents to provide updates on their child’s progress.
  • Collaborate with a team of caregivers to ensure consistent and high-quality care for all infants.

GTC Company, Houston, TX   
2010 – 2013

  • Cared for an infant on a part-time basis.
  • Prepared bottles, bottle fed the baby, and changed diapers.
  • Engaged in interactive play to stimulate the baby’s development.
  • Ensured a safe and secure environment at all times.
  • Completed infant gram for parents each day outlining baby’s care and needs.
  • Planned and execute particular activities for babies.
  • Provided complete attention to children and watched cautiously for any safety hazards.

High School Diploma
City Public School,  Houston, TX – 2008

First aid and current CPR

With my experience, skills, and deep passion for providing exceptional care to infants, I am confident in my ability to excel in the role of an infant caregiver. I look forward to contributing to the growth and development of the precious little ones under my care.

Excellent professional references are available

Infant Caregiver Job Description for Resume

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for infants, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being at all times.
  • Attend to the basic needs of infants, including feeding, changing diapers, and ensuring they are comfortable and clean.
  • Establish and maintain a regular routine for feeding, napping, and playtime, in line with the infant’s age and developmental stage.
  • Engage in age-appropriate activities to promote sensory, cognitive, and motor skills development.
  • Monitor and record the infant’s behavior, growth, and development, and promptly report any concerns or issues to parents or supervisors.
  • Administer medications or follow specific medical instructions provided by parents or healthcare professionals, if necessary.
  • Provide emotional support and create a nurturing bond with the infants, fostering a sense of security and trust.
  • Collaborate with parents or guardians to ensure consistency in care and communicate about the infant’s progress and any significant events or milestones.
  • Maintain a clean and organized environment, including sterilizing equipment, toys, and changing areas regularly.
  • Perform emergency procedures such as First Aid and CPR in the event of an emergency.

Infant Caregiver Skills for Resume

When applying for a position as an infant caregiver, it is important to highlight your hard skills that are relevant to the role. Here are some key infant caregiver hard skills that you can include in your resume:

  • Child Safety
  • Infant Bottle Feeding
  • Diapering and Hygiene
  • Infant First Aid
  • Infant Development
  • Sleep Assistance
  • Communication Skills
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Record-Keeping

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