6 Elderly Caregiver Interview Questions and Answers

Updated July 11, 2020

When there is no definite list of expected questions, how can I prepare for an elderly caregiver job interview? This is a question many job seekers ask. The answer is;

  1. Anticipate the employer’s needs and be prepared to satisfy them with smart answers.
  2. Practice answering some common, general, and sample interview questions for the position.
  3. Make sure your answers are to the point, not too short, not too long.
  4. Read the job description at least twice before appearing for the interview and do some background research on the employer.
  5. Be prepared to answer the question: why did you leave your previous job? There better be a solid reason since no one likes quitters and make sure you do not put in any bad word about your previous employer.

The following are 5 sample elderly caregiver interview questions and answers to serve as guidance.

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5 Common Interview Questions and Answers for Elderly Caregiver

1. Why should we hire you?

I possess a strong passion to work for the elderly and am equipped with CPR and First aid certification. My 6 years of experience as an elderly caregiver has enabled me to understand the needs of the elderly. I am well versed in assisting them in daily activities and light exercise.

2. How would you handle the situation if the client’s condition becomes critical?

I am a certified nursing assistant which gives me an edge in such a situation however if the elderly are serious I shall call the concerned doctor immediately and schedule a visit. I own a reliable vehicle and drive well, I shall accompany the senior to the clinic/hospital. If the condition is very critical, I shall immediately call an ambulance and inform the family.

3. Being a young lady, how do you cater for the companionship needs of the elderly?

My experience with the elderly has taught me a lot. I possess ample rapport building skills and knowledge of community-based available social activities for the elderly. Adept at identifying topics of interest, I make sure that they enjoy my company and I also enjoy theirs.

4. Would you be willing to assist in housekeeping and running errands?

Definitely! I am enthusiastic to perform all minds of household tasks. I have a track record of housekeeping, running errands, shopping for the client, doing laundry, and cooking nutritious meals for elderly clients.

5. What qualifies you to care for an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient?

I am knowledgeable about common diseases of old age and memory deterioration. Among my strengths including clear communication, calming strategies, and schedule management, I believe the quality of patience qualifies me to care for an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient.

6. Why did you leave your last job?

I have been at my company for four years now and have learned a lot regarding elderly care. However, I feel like I should take some new challenges to care for older adults.

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