The cover letter or letter of application for Assisted Living position has the purpose of bringing to the notice of an employer the reality that a qualified candidate is available and interested in Assisted Living job.

The Cover Letter for Assisted Living Administrator Resume is crucial in a sense that it must inspire the employer to become interested in the applicant. Your cover letter is an image of yourself. If you have been unemployed for some time and there are gaps between jobs in your resume, a cover letter provides you the perfect opportunity to explain the reason. There really isn’t anything to be reluctant of as you can write what you have been doing in the meantime that has made you perfect for the job.


Assisted Living Administrator Cover Letter Example


10 Coachway Road
Annapolis, MD 62524

April 4, 2015

Ms. Karen Miller
HR Consultant
Green Care for Seniors
5 Saint Regis Road
Annapolis, MD 43322


Dear Ms. Miller:

I would like to apply for the Assisted Living Administrator position at Green Care for Seniors, as advertised in World News on yesterday. With my relevant educational background and work experience in a similar capacity, I am confident I can make a valuable contribution to your organization.

Working with seniors may be a difficult task for most people but I do not find anything more challenging and enjoyable than making life easy for someone who has gained wisdom but lost control of physical and mental amenities. I have hands-on experience in assisting seniors in activities of daily living and I am eager to utilize my expertise in a supervisory capacity. I have also had considerable success in developing and maintaining effective relationships with residents and their families to ensure smooth rehabilitation for the residents.

Enclosed is my resume that holds additional information about my qualifications. I’d like to meet with you in order to discuss this Assisted Living Administrator position in more detail. I will be available at 999-999-999 if you would like to speak to me.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to receiving a reply from you.



Beatrice Toot

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