Direct Care Professional Resume Sample

Updated on: January 10, 2023

Direct care professionals are responsible for providing first-hand care services to persons with cognitive, intellectual, and physical or developmental disabilities. They provide support and assistance in carrying out daily life activities.

To secure a Direct Care professional position, creating an effective resume is important.

A resume that reflects empathy and communicates that you have the required skills effectively can definitely help you land the job of your dreams.

How to Write a Great Resume for Direct Care Professional Position?

  1. Carefully align your skillset with the recruiter’s requirements.
  2. Showcase your potential in form of professional accomplishments.
  3. Begin your resume with a strong summary or objective statement.
  4. Tailor your competencies according to the employer’s requirements.
  5. Mention any CPR or first aid certification or relevant training.

Here is a Direct Care Professional Resume Sample for further guidance in this regard.

Direct Care Professional Resume Example

Walter Reyes
560 Sunset Avenue
Mesa AZ 88999
(044) 555- 7777
walter .reyes @ email . com

Empathetic and compassionate Direct Care professional with strong interpersonal skills; apt at providing assistance in carrying out daily life activities. Knowledgeable of various intellectual and physiological disabilities and care protocols for the handling of persons suffering from the same; track record of providing satisfactory medical assistance as needed.

• Responsive to patient’s physical, emotional and developmental needs.
• Well-versed in assisting clients with home management tasks including grocery, laundry, cooking, etc.
• Apt at taking care of clients’ hygiene-related needs
• Trained in assisting clients with mobility limitations.
• Proven skills in socializing with the clients


Direct Care Professional
NHS Foundation Trust
Apr 2020 – Present
• Earned a 5-star rating based on client feedback for two consecutive years.
• Maintained a neat clean and sanitary living space.
• Administered prescribed medication regularly.
• Prepared required meals and provided feeding support to the clients.
• Assisted the clients in personal hygiene tasks including bathing and bathroom visits.
• Accompanied the clients on social visits and helped them carry out the suggested exercises.

Live In caregiver
Tribute Healthcare
June 2018- May 2020
• Provided assistance in mobility, operated wheelchair, and other mobility equipment as per need.
• Accompanied the clients on medical visits and drove them for social visits.
• Provided support in hygiene-related tasks.
• Assisted in feeding and medicating the client as per diet and medication charts.
• Carried out basic household tasks including cooking, grocery buying, laundry, etc.
• Gave company to the client and read aloud from books and articles of interest.
• Assisted in the routine physiotherapy of the client as per the medical practitioner’s advice.

• Valid Driver’s License

• CPR Trained
• First aid Certified

High School Diploma
JF High School, Mesa AZ

English & Spanish

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