How to Prepare for a Medical Billing Interview? Complete Guidance

Updated: October 26, 2021

Preparing for an interview requires much on the candidate’s part.

There is a job description to read thoroughly and understand, and there is a practice that needs to be taken into account.

You must be appropriately dressed and portray the right attitude when appearing for an interview of course!

Let us take an example here. If you are going to appear for an interview for the medical billing and coding position, you may want to perform some measures to prepare yourself.

Preparation can take you places as you will be organized in your thoughts and you will be able to provide the interviewer with the right answers.

So what does preparation entail? Let us look.

Research the Prospective Company

Before you appear for a medical billing interview, visit the company website.

Find out what the company’s future goals and objectives are by studying the mission statement.

Gather as much information about the company as possible, including its founding year and how many members there are in the medical billing team.

Also, research any information about specific job duties that you may be expected to perform – is medical billing all that will be expected of you, or will you be required to complete some medical coding activities as well?

Make Inquiries

It is a good idea to find out who you will be interviewed by. Call up the company and ask if you are not sure.

If you know someone in the company on a personal basis, you may want to have a chat with them to find out how severe your interviewer is.

You can also ask what kind of questions (both related to medical billing and personal) you may be asked.

Study Possible Interview Questions

This is where your research skills (and understanding of the job description) come into play. You must study medical billing and coding interview questions and answers.

Typical questions will include an understanding of medical terminology, types of certifications acquired, knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid, handling unpaid and rejected claims, and knowledge of EMR systems.

Practice with a Friend

Indulge in mock interviews. Ask a friend to ask you the questions which you researched and answer them to the best of your abilities.

Ensure that you provide the answers that an interviewer wants to hear.

If you are asked a question about your certification, take it seriously and answer it correctly because medical billing certification shows that you are committed to the job and have taken measures to ensure this commitment.

If you are asked about rejected or denied claims, show the interviewer that you know refilling claims and handling accounts receivables.

You will be asked about your knowledge of using EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems. To prepare and provide answers to patient verification and claim treatments.

Knowledge of this system will also provide a prospective employer with information on how well you can maintain information in the EMR system.

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