Entry Level Barback Resume No Experience

Updated: May 21, 2023

A good entry-level barback resume isn’t one that has a lot of information on it. In fact, a resume that has all the necessary information in it is considered good.

What constitutes as necessary?

Any information or data that the hiring manager can use is important to put in. This is especially true when you are writing a resume for a barback position for which you have little or no experience.

Always remember that no experience does not automatically translate into no talent. In fact, entry-level resumes can be great reads, especially for employers who are looking for a talented individual, even if his or her main virtue is not experience.

Since entry-level resumes usually lack form because there isn’t much to write about, it is best to concentrate on your barback skills and any academic achievements or volunteer experience that you may have.

To see how you can do justice to a resume at the entry-level, refer to the sample below:

Sample Barback Resume with No Experience

Edward Garcia
Volcano, HI 75252
(000) 854-9656
edwardgar @email .com


Highly enthusiastic and exceptionally hardworking individual with a great interest in providing solid bartending support in a busy bar setting. Eager to excel in a high-volume and high-end customer service environment within the hospitality industry.


  • Competent in ensuring constant cleanliness and maintenance of the bar and assigned beverage stations.
  • Skilled in setting up the bar by ensuring appropriate positioning of glassware and snack dishes.
  • Able to stock bars with liquor, juices, and water supplies, ensuring consistent availability.
  • Adept at cutting and aesthetically placing garnishes in drinks, in accordance with set recipes.

High School Diploma
St. John’s High School, Volcano, HI – 2023

Academic Accomplishments

  • Stood at the top of the class for 3 years in a row, earning the highest academic award that the school offered
  • Volunteered services at the local residential facility for old people, for 4 summers

✓ Bar Setup ✓ Inventory Oversight
✓ Key Replacement ✓ Service Assistance
✓ Mixing Support ✓ Condiments Station Setup
✓ Garnishing  ✓ Cleanliness
✓ Bar Maintenance


The Beach Resort, Volcano, HI
1/2023 – 4/2023

  • Provided assistance to waiters in taking and relaying orders to the kitchen area
  • Followed up on orders, ensuring that they were accurately prepared and timely delivered
  • Assisted customers in choosing the right beverage to go with the food items that they had ordered
  • Provided support to the bartender in mixing and serving alcoholic beverages
  • Ensured the cleanliness and maintenance of the restaurant, including sitting areas, beverage stations, and bar counters


  • POS System
  • MS Word and Excel

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