Pool Attendant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on September 14, 2017

There are a dozen ways of writing a cover letter, and none of them can be called incorrect.

A cover letter is a very personal thing – each job seeker writes his or her own, in his or her own way. This is fine, as long as the cover letter in question is written in a manner that is impressive to the person reading it.

A lot depends on the type of information that you put in a Pool Attendant cover letter. If you refer to your experience in this document, you may not really be doing many favors to yourself. Concentrate on your skills and achievements, and your cover letter is likely to go places.

Accuracy and relevance of information within this document is of the utmost importance. When you write a cover letter, you main focus should be on getting the hiring manager to look at your candidature with kind eyes – and awe. Here is a sample for you to take ideas from:


Pool Attendant Cover Letter Example


98 West Street
Atco, NJ 02147

September 14, 2017

Mr. Michael Wright
Human Resource Manager
Marriot International Inc.
274 Dorothy Avenue
Atco, NJ 08004


Dear Mr. Wright:

For me customer services is on top of my professional priority list. Putting this on the table, along with extensive experience of working as a pool attendant for one of the busiest clubs in Atco, I would like to offer my services to Marriot International Inc.

Attending to patrons’ pool-related needs such as retrieving fresh towels, relocating chairs and umbrellas, and issuing recreational equipment are all areas that I am highly experienced in. Aesthetically arranging pool furniture, and ensuring that it is kept in pristine condition is something that I am known for at my pleasant place of work.

If you go through the enclosed resume and reference documents, you will be happy to discover that I am considered a thorough professional, owing to my well-placed comprehension of the work, exceptional punctuality, and general mannerism. Moreover, you will find me to be immediately contributory, as I will require minimum training, allowing you to save up on valuable time and resources.

In addition to delivery of profound patron services, I possess demonstrated expertise in maintaining records of pool usage and facility rentals. Hoping to build up on this information to further highlight my candidature, I will like to meet with you in person. I will contact you after 5 working days to set up an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.




Adam Jose

(000) 214-8547