Cabin Attendant Cover Letter Example (How-to)

Updated January 25, 2022
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How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for a Cabin Attendant Job?

In order to write a great cabin attendant cover letter, you should mention your transferable skills and hands-on experiences.

Specify what kind of individual you are, such as a team player, a leader, a self-starter in addition to other qualities that will appeal to the airline human resource manager.

The following Cover Letter for Cabin Attendant Position will be useful for experienced, as well as non-experienced candidates and for those who want to change their career path.

In case you are sending an online application, you may paste this cover letter in the body of the email.

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Sample Cover Letter for Cabin Attendant Position

Sara Chris
(000) 999-1234
sara.chris @ email . com

January 25, 2022

Ms. Anna Smith
Human Resources Manager
Continental Airlines
521 Alexander Ave.
Boston, MA 25888

Re: Cabin Attendant Position (Job Ref # 36555)

Dear Ms. Smith:

I am eager to join Continental Airlines as a Cabin Attendant because I realize that Continental Airlines’ commitment to providing excellent onboard experience creates a challenging yet pleasing work environment. Working as a cabin attendant for Continental Airlines, I anticipate opportunities to combine my interest in the airline industry with customer service and hospitality skills.

Based on my experiences, and my understanding of the Cabin Attendant position at Continental Airlines, here are some aspects of my background that seem most appropriate to meet your needs:

  • Familiar with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations.
  • Demonstrated ability to prepare and serve food and beverages.
  • Competent at selling different kinds of promotional items.
  • Eager to help passengers with transporting luggage.
  • Demonstrated ability to ensure security and ease of customers.
  • Specialized courses in handling adverse situations.

My customer service skills coupled with my enthusiasm to assist others and learn from experience, make me a perfect contender. I will email you next week to follow up and set up an interview date. In the meantime, please feel free to call me at (000) 999-1234.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to interviewing with you in order to demonstrate the match between your needs and my qualifications.


Sara Chris

Attachment. Resume

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