Inventory Associate Resume Sample

Updated on: December 19, 2022

Your resume speaks loud and clear about who you are, and no amount of technology can build up this on its own. The human touch is important where resumes are concerned.

The following inventory associate resume sample is written by using technology (of course) but still has the human touch. Have a look!

Inventory Associate Resume Example

Grym Poe
45 Milton Street
Ripton, VT 40936
(000) 211-8544
grympoe @email .com


Resourceful inventory associate with over 5 years of experience in a diverse range of warehouse and retail settings. Proficient in maintaining a high level of inventory accuracy and integrity, monitoring the usage of stock, and creating reports related to utilization. A highly motivated and exceptionally enterprising individual who has an inherently industrious nature.

– Cycle Counts – Stock Usage
– Vendor Relations – Damage Documentation
– Periodic Audits – Discrepancy Management
– Quality Assurance – Forklift Operations
– Product Integrity – Picking and Packing
– Shipments Management – Merchandising Support

• Overhauled the existing inventory system, making it 75% more efficient than before.
• Successfully implemented a cycle count system, which greatly decreased physical counting problems during the inventory-taking time.
• Implemented a series of modules that automatically rang alerts when the inventory level of any item reached 30%.
• Decreased the cost of acquiring items by 80000$ by enlisting the help of a local and less expensive shipment company.


Inventory Associate
RGIS, Ripton, VT
11/2018 – Present
• Check existing inventory to determine the need for additional items and ensure that these needs are fulfilled.
• Create item orders and follow up on them to ensure that they are passed by the procurement manager.
• Handle physical count of items within storage areas and use tablets or counting devices to ensure accuracy in counting.
• Create and maintain effective relationships with vendors, suppliers, and shipping companies to ensure timely and accurate delivery of items.
• Take a daily inventory of assigned supplies and restock items as directed by the supervisor.
• Monitor usage of stock and create utilization reports in a bid to comprehend usage patterns.
• Identify any inaccuracies in each inventory cycle and ensure that all discrepancies are timely resolved.
• Handle data entry duties to ensure that all incoming and outgoing shipments are properly recorded in the system.

Inventory Aide
Travel Tab, Ripton, VT
2/2014 – 11/2018
• Assisted inventory staff members in counting items under each supply tab and providing feedback on numbers.
• Received shipments and counted and verified items to ensure order accuracy.
• Physically placed received items in assigned storage areas and performed order-pulling duties.
• Provided support in reconciliation activities, concentrating on immediate discrepancy management.
• Assisted in cleaning and maintaining warehouse premises and associated equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks.

High School Diploma 
Ripton High School, Ripton, VT