Freight Associate Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 18, 2022
Position Overview

A freight associate is an important member of a company’s warehouse or storage room.

It is his or her responsibility to receive merchandise, unload it from delivery vehicles, and ensure that it is properly put away.

On non-truck days – days when deliveries are not expected – a freight associate makes sure that he handles existing merchandise so that it is properly mobilized or stored within assigned storage areas.

Working as a freight associate means that you will have to wake up early each morning and be on your feet most of the day.

If you are the kind who doesn’t like sitting in front of a computer all day, this may be the right line of work for you, although you may still be expected to work with technology a little bit.

Typically, your work duties will include anything that makes mobilization of incoming shipments efficient.

Some paperwork may also be required, which is why it is important that you possess insight into handling receipts and invoices.

Position Requirements

A high school diploma or a GED is usually considered sufficient to work as a freight associate.

Some experience of working in a warehouse or freight mobilization arena will of course be deemed useful when applying for this position.

Sample Job Description for Freight Associate Resume

• Alert management of incoming shipments and ensure that delivery docks are made ready for receiving.

• Assist in loading and unloading merchandise from delivery trucks in a safe and efficient manner.

• Create appropriate storage space within assigned areas and ensure that received items are transported and stacked in a safe manner.

• Scan all incoming merchandise to identify damaged or inconsistent products.

• Determine which shipments need to be processed on a priority basis.

• Pick and pack required merchandise from storage areas and deliver them to sales floors.

• Provide assistance in handing banners outside the sales store and placing in-store signs.

• Assist the merchandising team in setting up displays in an aesthetic manner.

• Maximize space within storage areas by ensuring appropriate stacking of merchandise.

• Assist sales personnel in accurately and efficiently moving fixtures around the warehouse or storage area.

• Ascertain that all paperwork is included/completed for incoming shipments.

• Identify any discrepancies or irregularities within the shipment or recovering systems and report them immediately to the supervisor.

• Register all transactions and movements in the company database in an accurate fashion.