11 Clerical Assistant Resume Objective Examples

Updated: December 30, 2022

An objective statement is the first part of a Clerical Assistant’s Resume. 

The title of this section is written as a ‘Career Goal’ or ‘Professional Objective’.

The following are some sample resume objectives that are useful for clerical assistant Resume. Select one which is most suitable for your requirements.

Candidates who have no prior experience can also choose from these objective statements for a clerical assistant resume.

Clerical Assistant Resume Objective Examples

Sample Objectives for Clerical Assistant With Experience

1. Energetic and results-driven professional seeking a position as a Clerical Assistant with a reputed healthcare facility, utilizing excellent clerical, secretarial, and accounting skills to smoothen office operations.

2. Strong desire to work in a Clerical Assistant role for the City College. Excited to contribute to office operations in the most efficient way by using 5 years of extensive experience in performing secretarial tasks with great attention to detail.

3. Highly experienced Clerical Assistant with strong administrative and bookkeeping skills. Passionate to increase efficiency and decrease overhead costs of ABC Company.

4. To work for ABC Company as a Clerical Assistant where my strong office management skills could be fully utilized to maintain an organized office.

5. Seeking a  position as a Clerical Assistant with Miami Healthcare. Enthusiastic about using my expertise in managing the operations of the back office in the healthcare facility.

6. A clerical assistant position at XYZ Company where I can make use of my office management skills and clerical experience to increase the company’s revenue.

7. Accomplished Clerical Assistant who always enjoys taking on new challenges, seeking an opportunity to learn, contribute and improve administrative functions T ABC Company.

Entry Level Clerical Assistant Resume Objectives

8. Fresh and enthusiastic Clerical Assistant seeking a position with XYZ Company. Bringing exceptional administrative skills to make a constructive contribution to the organization.

9. Seeking an entry-level Clerical Assistant position at Concordia University. Bringing a passion to contributing by using my strong communication and interpersonal skills.

10. To secure a spot with a renowned organization with a fast-paced environment that will bring about a lasting relationship in the field of administration.

11. Poised to work as a Clerical Assistant for AA Logistics. Offering strong bookkeeping skills, customer service background, and talent to work well with coworkers.

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