Entry Level Clinic Assistant Resume No Experience

Updated on: January 10, 2023

A clinic assistant performs a lot of administrative duties within a hospital or a clinic.

If you are new to this work and want to apply for this position, your first focus should be on building a resume.

Technically, your resume should highlight the many reasons that you should be hired, instead of someone who has experience.

This is not impossible.

If you make sure that your resume stands out, you may even be given preference over someone who is not new to this work.

In your resume, you should write about your knowledge of registering patients and handling scheduling activities.

Moreover, your resume should tell the hiring authority that you are exceptionally talented in maintaining liaisons with insurance companies, and vendors too.

Here is a resume sample for a clinic assistant with no prior experience in hand.


Clinic Assistant No Experience Resume Sample

Adam Hoot
48 Dirt Road
Bangor, ME57310
(000) 909-8545
adam @ email.com


High-energy individual with great interest in working in an administrative position at ABC Clinic. Bringing skills in providing daily logistical and administrative support to a medical facility to provide effective clerical and word-processing support. Eager to learn new things quickly.

High School Diploma
Bangor High School, Bangor, ME – 2022

Academic Accomplishments

  • Received the highest student achievement award for consistently standing on top of the class for three years.
  • Honored for introducing and leading the school to a new education module, adopted due to its excellent academic nature.
  • Represented the school in 3 literary festivals, held in New York City, NY.
  • Spearheaded 2 college clubs, both receiving city-wide recognition for their content.

– PABX Handling – Scheduling
– Insurance Liaison – Records Maintenance
– Follow-up – Vendor Relations
– Vital Signs Recording – Charts Management
– Lab Tests Handling – Communication


Clinic Volunteer
Rock Hill Health Center, Bangor, ME
11/2022 – 1/2023
• Welcomed patients and interviewed them in order to find out their purpose of visit
• Performed intake tasks
• Assisted patients in filling out forms
• Scheduled appointments and handled doctors’ calendars
• Performed follow-up duties by calling patients and confirming appointments
• Created and maintained files and records following a predefined pattern

English, Spanish, and Italian

• Volunteered services to the school office, in order to help them create a solid records management system
• Led a team of students to provide assistance and mentorship at a local orphanage

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