Circuit Board Assembler Resume Sample

Updated on: December 10, 2018

If you are in the process of writing a resume for a circuit board assembler position, then you will need to know how to organize your information.

Writing a well-structured resume for this position will require you to highlight how well you know the process of circuit board population.

Moreover, your skills in checking and conforming to specifications will be tested.

As a circuit board assembler, it is imperative that you possess the ability to use tools and equipment specific to this trade.

Working as a circuit board assembler is hard work, and you have to make it obvious that you are an expert at it.

Here is how you can do it through the resume:


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Circuit Board Assembler Resume Sample


Steve Wonder
892 Rapid Road, Edina, MN99871
(000) 999-9999


• Implemented a failure analysis system that reduced further failures by 65%.
• Introduced the concept of debugging, hence, ensured fewer downtime issues.
• Devised a unique coat process, which was considered 25% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Troubleshoot a particularly difficult to handle board issue, resulting in receiving commendation from the management.


• Assembly

• Coat Processes

• Soldering

• Equipment Testing

• Tools Use

• Safety Assurance

• Component Mounting

• Inventory Management

• Board Inspection

• Troubleshooting

• Failure Analysis

• Debugging


Circuit Board Assembler
LENSA, Edina, MN 2010-present
• Check diagrams in order to determine circuit population requirements.
• Assemble, solder, and inspect processes.
• Ensure that component parts and PCB boards are in good condition.
• Twist and bend wire leads in boards in order to insert wires.
• Press-fit component leads onto circuit boards.

Circuit Board Assembler
ABC Co, Edina, MN 2004-2010
• Installed plastic insulating sleeves.
• Applied sealers and masking compounds to protect parts and components.
• Soldered hole components while following instructions.
• Performed cutting, assembling, and mounting tasks.
• Tested populated printed circuit boards.

Circuit Board Trainee
Trinity Electrical Services, Edina, MN 2002-2004
• Located parts and equipment required for circuit board population purposes.
• Manually assembled and mounted components onto circuit boards.
• Ensured that components were properly fit, aligned and adjusted onto boards.
• Kept track of component parts.
• Ensured that completed component parts were properly stored in order to keep them safe.

AS Degree, Electronics
Edina Technical College, Edina, MN

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