Circuit Board Assembler Skills for Resume

Updated on: December 8, 2018

There is no way that a circuit board assembler will be hired if he or she isn’t skilled – unless, the job is that of a trainee.

But if you are applying for a position where your experience counts, you have to make it obvious that you are skilled.

The best place to highlight your skills is the resume.

As a circuit board assembler, you should concentrate on filling out the skills section with information such as knowledge of assembly, soldering, and mounting.

Also, the skills section must highlight what your abilities in following production drawings and routings are.

In addition, it is a great idea to emphasize your knowledge of handling visual as well as physical inspections of boards and components.

When filling out the skills section of your circuit board assembler resume, ensure that you focus on your teamwork abilities.

This will help the recruiter decide in your favor as well.

Here is a list of circuit board assembler skills statements that you can use on your resume:

Circuit Board Assembler Skills for Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in reading work orders and creating PCBA plans.

• Highly skilled in twisting, bending, trimming, stripping, and filing wire leads.

• Effectively able to insert color-coded wires in designated holes.

• Deeply familiar with pressing component leads onto circuit boards.

• Exceptionally talented in performing high precision soldering activities.

• Well-versed in performing inspections by devices such as measuring instruments and microscopes.

• Proficient in cutting, assembling, and mounting electronic components in order to populate boards.

• Proven ability to position and align parts in printed circuit boards.

• Adept at setting up as well as operating wave solder machines.

• Solid track record of effectively connecting and routing component lead wires between connectors and terminals.

• Competent in performing visual inspections in order to determine issues.

• Qualified to test and troubleshoot populated printed circuit boards.

• Talented in using standards testing equipment, for example, multi-meters, power supplies, and signal generators.

• Special talent in tabulating, tracking, and analyzing results.

• Particularly effective in building and debugging test fixtures, cable harnesses, and breabreadboardsExcellent ability to perform failure analysis and repair components and boards.

• Unmatched ability to hand-solder small packages of discrete components.

• Expert at performing conformal coat processes.

• Skilled in performing activities like cleaning, potting, and testing.

• Experienced in ensuring the fit and accuracy of all mounted components.

• Documented success in overseeing parts and equipment inventory levels.

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