What Career is Right for Me

Updated on: June 21, 2019

What career is right for me?

It is a question many of us ask ourselves many times in our lives. There are many considerations when choosing a career; there are many questions that we ask ourselves.


What do we want to do?

What kind of work interests us?

What offers financial stability?

And so on!


The list of questions is endless. But we usually have a limited time during which we have to decide what our careers should be.

So what is an easy way to decide what career may be the best for us?

There are no shortcuts to this; while you may take an umpteen dozen online tests that will work on a “formula” which will decide your future career, it is actually up to you what your job should be. The first thing you need to do is determine what it is that you want to do.

Do you want a career out of helping people or are you the creative type? 

What skills do you have that will help you?

There is so much self-questioning here, and all of it is important.

Your career will depend on what you have studied primarily if you are at that stage of your life when a change in career seems like a good thing to do. If you are starting, you may want to tailor your education to the career you want to pursue eventually.

If you are someone who likes to help people; a career in counseling, psychology, or social work is just right for you.

Genuine compassion for your nature demands a career in healthcare, such as nursing or nursing assistants.

People striving to be recognized may be more interested in jobs that provide them with an audience. Careers for these people will include public speaking, teaching, banking, and news-casting.

If you have a creative streak in you, good career choices may be graphic designing, art direction, architecture, music, yoga instruction, and athletics.

Anyone looking for a career to gain profound knowledge can look into computer programming, education, environmental studies, telecommunications, and engineering.

Stability-seeking people can work as school administrators, dentists, paralegals, accountants, public servants, and computer programmers.

What career is right for you depends on what you want to do and if you have the necessary skills to do it! So if you like music but do not have a sense of rhythm, you may not be a great musician.

Or if engineering is something that you want to do but do not have the patience for learning complicated methodologies, a career as an engineer is a definite no!