A cover letter for an Operations Analyst Resume should clarify the applicant’s reason for contacting for the employer. It will establish a connection between your strengths, education and employer’s job requirements. Research about the company and use your operations analyst cover letter as a runway towards getting the interview call for the job. Wherever possible, refer to specific examples from your experience.


Sample Cover Letter for Operations Analyst Resume

Nicholson Cooper
11780 US Hwy 1. Suite 500.
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

January 10, 2013

Mr. Ethan Carlson
Hiring Manager
Pine River Capital Management
601 Carlson Parkway,
Minnetonka, MN 55305


Dear Mr. Carlson:

Please consider this letter as an application for the position of Operations Analyst which was listed on Vacancy-Alert on 6th January 2013. I have always wanted to work for a global asset management firm pursuing opportunities in relative value trading. Pine River Capital Management therefore, is the perfect match for my aim, career vision and the professional experience that I have gained over the years.

As evident from the enclosed resume, I have a substantial knowledge and experience in managing several business operations. The most relevant to your organization is my work experience as an Operations Specialist at the famous bank- PNC Financial Services Group in Pittsburgh. Just as you require, I have extensive working knowledge of variety of securities, stocks, bonds and mortgage-backed securities which I learned during my initial internship at another capital management company and developed even more while working for PNC.

Having an urge for maintaining a competitive edge over fellow co-workers, I have always kept my performance at the best possible level in every organization I ever worked for. I can serve your organization with my refined ability to perform case management data analysis, defining and relating market trends and predicting market fluctuations for business operational adaptation. Moreover, I have been able to carry out data analysis using several tailor-made software packages specially HMS corporate data platform which made root cause analysis on data issues much easier and simpler.

Because of my excellent presentation and outstanding persuasion ability, I have been able to achieve business objectives successfully and also the noteworthy ‘best presenter’ award many times at PNC as well as HMS. For me, the large number of clientele that came to PNC during my position holding and the strong relationships that I built with them because of my brilliant interpersonal communication skills, is in it a great achievement.

I would like to put my strengths into Pine River Capital Management’s investigating issues, performing data analysis, solving problems with various securities and interacting with administrators, brokers, treasury, accounting and trading personnel for effective running of business operations at your company. Please review my resume enclosed and contact me at (020) 111-7651 in case any additional details are required. I will follow up in a week to confirm receipt of this application and to arrange a suitable meeting time for you to interview me further. Thanks a lot for your interest.


Sincerely yours,

Nicholson Cooper