Application Support Analyst Resume Sample

Updated on: February 19, 2022

Whichever way you look at it, resume writing for an application support analyst will seem cumbersome.

But there is no getting out of it, which means that you have to look for ways to make it attractive.

Here is a sample resume for the application support analyst position:

Application Support Analyst Resume Sample

Eric Robinson
536 140th Street
Redmond, WA 42397
(000) 956-6595
ericrob @email .com


• Progressively-accomplished Application Support Analyst with a track record of success providing technical support for both existing and new applications.
• Effectively developed and enhanced complex information systems.
• Gifted strategist, with exceptional ability to research and implement new applications.
Excel in:
• Working with both internal and external vendors to support and implement applications using standard tools and frameworks
• Providing technical support and advice to individual project managers and assisting them with project deployment
• Ensuring that database applications are stable, secure, and resilient against threats

✓ Operational Frameworks
✓ Technical Support
✓ Continuity Planning
✓ Security Protocols Setup
✓ Reporting Documents
✓ Applications Customization
✓ Communication Technology
✓ Web Development Assistance
✓ Project Deployment Support
✓ Data Protection Regulations
✓ Business Analysis Support
✓ Application Optimization

✓ Relational Databases
✓ GDE, EME Administration
✓ Shell Scripting
✓ UNIX, Ab Initio
✓ Op-Console Administration
✓ ACE administration
✓ Office and Outlook
✓ TCP/IP, Mainframe z/OS
✓ NT, Win2K


Technical Support: Singlehandedly provided support to a huge array of applications in 5 different departments, in the absence of other application support analysts.

Customization: Successfully customized a new application module to the exact needs of the business model of the company, within a short time period of 5 days.

Cost Reduction: Decreased the cost of acquiring applications from third-party application developers by 85% by training 10 developers from within the company.

Data Protection: Created, developed, and implemented a series of safety standards and protocols, which increased existing data integrity and security by a staggering 88%.


Application Support Analyst
Granite Communications, Redmond, WA
5/2015 – Present
• Obtain key information to develop, implement and enhance the company’s information technology systems.
• Provide technical support and advice to projects managers and assist them in the technical development and deployment of their projects.
• Develop and improve VoIP systems across various platforms and ensure that they work seamlessly.
• Ensure that database applications operate within an environment that is safe and secure from internal and external threats.
• Set up appropriate protocols and procedures for application and ensure that they are maintained throughout the company.
• Monitor application systems by ensuring regular scrutiny of reports and note any problems that may cause downtime.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with software suppliers to ensure the development of core systems enhancements.
• Make modifications to system parameters and change operating procedures as required.

Application Support Manager
Junction Solutions, Redmond, WA
2/2004 – 5/2015

• Sourced information technology projects from clients and ensured that each module was handed over to the right application developer.
• Analyzed existing software systems for technical issues and ensured that they were handled immediately to minimize downtime.
• Upgraded existing software and implemented new systems to ensure that the company keeps at par with its technology needs.
• Ascertained that appropriate documentation was created and properly maintained for each new project module or software enhancement.
• Oversaw the work of the support team to ensure that end-users were being provided with the support that they required.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science – 2002
Washington State University, Redmond, WA