AML (Anti Money Laundering) Analyst Resume Sample

Updated: December 19, 2021

Many organizations have dedicated anti-money laundering departments, where they make sure that any issues with money laundering or fraudulent activities are handled correctly.

Many people are hired to make sure that fraud is minimized – a person working at an AML position is required to investigate and resolve issues associated with clients’ accounts, especially where suspicious activity is seen.

How does one make sure that one’s resume gets read and accepted? One goes through a well-developed resume sample – like the one below:

AML Resume Example

Ava Michael
521 High Street, Stowe, VT92122
(000) 999-9999


Extensive comprehension of ensuring efficient identification and monitoring of suspicious activities and transactions. Well-versed in handling various procedures associated with anti-money laundering efforts, following set protocols. Ability to investigate and assess alerts for potential money laundering risks within assigned areas.

✓ Investigation
✓ Risk Management
✓ Quality Checking
✓ Case Handling & Escalation
✓ Compliance
✓ Account Verification
✓ Legal Documentation
✓ Policy Making
✓ File Reviewing

• Singlehanded caught a money-laundering scam within the company by efficiently determining suspicious activity in 2 accounts.
• Implemented a unique investigation system, proving to be 75% more efficient in identifying causes, than the one already in place.
• Successfully created a series of policies and procedures for AML, to be used as part of a staff training project.
• Introduced core AML monitoring systems, which reduced money laundering incidents by 50%.


AML Analyst
Citizens Bank, Stowe, VT     
May 2014 – Present
• Analyze and monitor various forms of potentially suspicious transactions and online activity.
• Review clients’ transactions that may violate AML protocols or economic sanctions procedures.
• Review alerts, communications, and workflows to determine the origin of AML issue.
• Perform detailed research, analysis, and due diligence on the backgrounds of high-risk clients.
• Use various data analysis tools used in AML processes to correlate and extract data from multiple sources.
• Collaborate with peers to evaluate output metrics, and provide suggestions for changes to transactions monitoring rules.
• Perform investigations and make risk-based SAR recommendations for each situation.
• Identify anomalies and escalations as they relate to AML initiatives and industry best practices.

AML Officer
Turning Stone, Stowe, VT         
Sep 2005 – May 2014
• Performed due diligence on new clients, ensuring that their documentation is complete, and making analytic risk assessments.
• Evaluated existing clients according to established AML procedures and policies.
• Investigated high-risk clients, and reported any potentially fraudulent activities that may arise.
• Kept a solid follow-up on identified doubtful client accounts, and performed further investigation.
• Aided in the improvement of tools to monitor and analyze suspicious activities.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Vermont State University, Stowe, VT