Flight Dispatcher Resume Example [+Duties]

Updated on: June 1, 2023

At many points in their professional life, every individual faces the task of building a resume. Effective resume writing is a challenging task and requires a lot of effort on the part of the job seeker.

In today’s highly competitive job market, every job seeker needs an extraordinary resume. If you have a regular profile, don’t worry, because your competencies and experience can be made to appear impressive in the eyes of your prospective employer.

How to Write an Attractive Resume for Flight Dispatcher Position?

  1. Always start your resume with a strong objective or summary statement. This statement must portray you as the ideal candidate for the job, highlighting the most relevant and outstanding features of your profile.
  2. Do not merely state your previous job description. Instead, communicate how you made a difference in your previous workplace.
  3. Don’t forget to give a quantified account of your professional achievements, it works wonders.

Here is a flight dispatcher resume sample for your guidance.

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Sample Resume and CV for Flight Dispatcher

Edward Alder
Phoenix, AZ 67993
(004) 333-0100
edward @ email . com


Highly alert and responsible Flight Dispatcher with 9+ years of experience in flight scheduling, meteorological analysis, and implementation of FAA regulations. A quick decision-maker who has a profound ability to solve problems effectively. Strong coordination and management skills and proven team player. Comfortable communicating effectively at all levels of management.

• Flight Planning • Crew Coordination
• Emergency Response • Altitude Selection
• Maintenance Control • Aviation Regulation Compliance
• Flight Reservation • Operations Economy
• Meteorological Analysis • Crew Scheduling
• Weather Briefing • Flight Status Updating


Flight Dispatcher
American Airlines, Phoenix, AZ 
2014 – Present

  • Reduce the operational cost of flights by 20% while maintaining schedule integrity and flight safety standards.
  • Performed all pre and post-flight operations in 100% adherence to the FAA regulations.
  • Regularly monitor weather conditions and make necessary changes in flight schedules
  • Check for any aviation irregularities and communicate the same immediately
  • Coordinate with other departments for the flow of operational information
  • Manage flight reservation procedures and protocols

Flight Dispatcher Assistant
AA Air, Phoenix, AZ 
2012 – 2014

  • Devised a computerized fleet evaluation program and implemented the same, reducing per fleet assessment time by 20 minutes
  • Maintained all system file information and logs accurately
  • Regularly updated current flight status information on the system
  • Routed aircraft crews to ensure air flight schedule integrity

Associate of Science in Aircraft Dispatching
Phoenix Community College, Phoenix, AZ 

• Ability to do repetitive tasks, especially typing and database entry
• Extensive knowledge of Meteorological analysis and weather updating
• Knowledgeable of pressure pattern flying and altitude selection factors

Flight Dispatcher Duties and Responsibilities

  • Handle preflight administration work, such as flight scheduling and passenger ground transportation management.
  • Determine the safest and shortest routes for each flight and liaise with pilots to ensure that they understand which routes to fly on.
  • Decipher weather conditions such as hails, storms, and winds and map out alternative routes.
  • Keep in constant contact with pilots to ensure the aircraft’s adherence to charted-out flight routes.
  • Delay or cancel flights in case of unsafe conditions such as storms or fog.
  • Maintain and update aircraft schedule and ensure that aircraft meet both airport and airspace regulations.
  • Maintain a constant watch on all dispatched flights and handle altitude selection and fuel load requirements.
  • Act as a medium between pilot and ground service personnel and keep them informed of flight status.
  • Maintain expertise in navigation facilities over airline routes and characteristics of all aircraft.
  • Ride in the cockpit periodically to observe flight routes firsthand and understand airport routes.
  • Prepare and sign a dispatch release to provide authorization for an aircraft to fly.
  • Monitor aeronautical navigation charts and radio calls to evaluate the progress of each aircraft.
  • Assist pilots in command of aircraft to ensure its safety during distressing situations.