Airline Pilot Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 4, 2016

Why would an employer waste his time in interviewing you when he doesn’t like what you have written in a cover letter? Well, one reason could be that you have actually written something so inappropriate that the employer has called you out of curiosity. Maybe this situation isn’t that frequent but you never know what is present in the employer’s mind. Or you could have written something which really did impress the employer – in this case, anything that has not impressed the employer can and will be held against you.

So always be careful of what you write in a cover letter for airline pilot resume.


Airline Pilot Cover Letter Sample


Gary Pierce
542 Best Street
Bethany Beach, DE 75214
(000) 145-5541
piercegary @ myemail. com.

March 4, 2016

Mr. Roy Perry
Hiring Manager
American Airlines
8030 Anchorage Avenue
Bethany Beach, DE 75023


Dear Mr. Perry:

The writer of this letter is the pilot of the DL 455 aircraft which narrowly escaped disaster in January 2015 when it came dangerously close to a haywire army plane! This incident has drastically changed my view of many things, including how important being constantly vigilant is – despite the autopilot mode working wonderfully – to ensure the safety of hundreds of passengers who depend on you as their pilot.

Experience of 12 years as an airline pilot is however, not the only thing that has helped me avoid disasters of similar (mostly less serious) nature. As a passionate pilot who gives great importance to “what happens before an aircraft is in the air”, I am able to perform preflight checks myself to ensure minimization of problems when the aircraft is most vulnerable. I am exceptionally competent at reacting quickly and making vital decisions in a changing situation, and possess the situational awareness that is of the utmost importance in this role.

The rest of what I have to tell you is best said in a face to face meeting. I will call you to see if one can be arranged soon. Alternately, you may contact me at (000) 145-5541 or piercegary @ myemail. com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Gary Pierce