Even though all cover letters follow a same pattern, you should tailor your nutrition aide cover letter as per needs of prospective employer. Research the prospective facility or organization you are applying at, particularly about its values and internal structure. Make out the areas you find most appealing and consider ways in which you could make a contribution to the prospective facility as a whole. This research will help you personalize your letter and shows your interest.

The following sample cover letter is particularly designed for Nutrition Aide Resume.


Cover Letter Sample for Nutrition Aide Resume


Rebecca Anderson
Norton, VA 65214

June 6, 2016

Mr. Joe Smith
Human Resource Manager
Mountain View Regional Medical Center
Norton, VA 98522


Dear Mr. Smith:

I am writing in response to your advertisement for the position of Nutrition Aide. I have sufficient experience in this field and believe that I will be a valuable asset for Mountain View Regional Medical Center.

As you will note in the enclosed resume, I am very skilled in a number of tasks related to the provision of food services and nutrition support to patients, employees and visitors. My following talents meet your needs perfectly:

• Demonstrated ability to assist cooks in preparation of nutritious meals
• Special talent for planning menu for individuals under the supervision of a dietitian or nutritionist
• Well-versed in organizing and delivering meal trays to the patients, nursing units and department
• Competent at stocking cafeteria with required items
• Able to operate commercial dishwasher
• Effectively removes waste from area and clean patient carts after every meal

My excellent communication skills, ability to tackle mental and emotional stress, work independently, flexibility and personal integrity will help me achieve your goals.

As an enthusiastic Nutrition Aide, I would like to meet with you to discuss this position further. I will call you next week to see if we can arrange a meeting. If you need to contact me, you may reach me at 666-999-333.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sara Robert

Encl. Resume