Nutrition Aide Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 4, 2018

When you ask for cover letter writing advice, you will probably be bombarded with a lot of information that may not help you with your cover letter writing goals.

That is because the masses are unaware of many things that are core to cover letter writing. Once such thing is the individuality of a cover letter.

A cover letter, the likes of which have never been read or seen before, wins the race. You might ask if it is a tad difficult to write an original cover letter story. It isn’t if you know what it is that you should impress the reader with.

Most cover letters that you see are not something that will win employers’ favors. The reason is that people do not bother writing with originality. And that is a curse. If you cannot be original, you will probably not win any brownie points with a prospective employer.

However, if you look at your cover letter as something that is a “do or die” thing, you might be encouraged to write well. Here is the deal – a cover letter that does not directly appeal to the reader will not win interviews. If you want a winner cover letter, you need to write it something like this:


Nutrition Aide Cover Letter Example



582 9th Street
Osceola, IA 25144

March 4, 2018

Mr. Gregory Lyle
Hiring Manager
Mountain View Regional Medical Center
5565 Lake Road
Osceola, IA 50232


Dear Mr. Lyle:

As a nutrition aide, my biggest achievement has been creating a set of nutritional plans that have proven 100% successful in treating patients with chronic illness such as SLE and MS. This achievement coupled with deep insight into developing and implementing core nutrition plans for patients with diabetes, hypertension and gastric problems, makes me a good contender to work as a Nutrition Aide for Mountain View Regional Medical Center.

Not only have I been successful in creating and implementing nutrition plans, but I have also worked extensively with kitchen staff members, where laying down ground rules, managing portioning activities and ensuring sanitation and food safety is prime. Additionally, I have a tender approach where patients are concerned and have been quite successful in helping them change lifestyles to treat their illnesses and conditions.

Working as part of your facility, I plan to bring both awareness about the importance of nutrition and handle the logistics of bringing about this change.

I anticipate meeting with you in person to elaborate on how I can successfully assist nutritionists so that they can effectively concentrate on their work, leaving the logistics to me. If you need to contact me, I am available at (000) 748-1022.



Sarah Carlo

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