Environmental Service Aide Cover Letter Sample

June 23, 2017

Cover letters need to be tailored, that much is understood. But in order to tailor them, you have to make a certain amount of effort. Firstly, they should be addressed to the person who will be reading it. If you don’t know who is expected to read your cover letter, it is best to call in to the company and ask.

The 3 paragraph rule applies to environment service aide cover letter writing too. Your introductory paragraph should highlight why you are writing to the employer in the first place. Using an enthused tone here will help you immensely.

The main body of the letter should be a strategic sales pitch outlining what makes you the best candidate for the position. The evidence can come in the form of your education, accomplishments, experience and skills. Ensuring that the last paragraph is an action close is imperative. Don’t leave the ball in the employer’s court. Tell him that you will be contacting him for an interview soon.

Sample ahead!


Environmental Service Aide Cover Letter Sample


524 Westline Ave
Stow, MA 54744

June 23, 2017

Mr. Graham Nolan
Human Resource Manager
North Main Medical Center
69 7th Street
Stow, MA 96312


Dear Mr. Nolan:

Having worked as an environmental service aide at one of the biggest hospitals in Stow (Riverside Health System), I deem myself ready to take on the challenges that North Main Medical Center has to offer to someone working in this capacity. The evidence of my experience in this regard is highlighted in the enclosed resume.

With over 6 years of experience in providing the benefit of my services as an environmental service aide, I boast of not just being able to clean premises, but to also effectively handle hospital waste management duties. My recent suggestion to implement a novel waste management system ended up in the hospital (where I am presently working) devising a fool proof system to manage their waste – and I have received immense commendation for it. The fact that I am a thorough individual will give you great benefit where handling cleaning and sanitizing duties are concerned. Moreover, I offer deep insight into overseeing laundry activities, to ensure delivery of clean linen and towels to patients’ rooms on a regular basis.

If you are looking for someone who is meticulous, hardworking and resourceful, then I am your man. To elaborate on this further, I will contact you so that we can set a meeting time. You may call me on the number given below for any further information that you may require.




Gary David

(000) 754-8547

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