A dietary aide works under the supervision of registered dieticians in order to provide patients with the best possible diets in accordance to their physical and medical needs. They are usually employed by hospitals and other healthcare facilities. This is a very important position in which a dietary aide talks to patients about their eating habits and preferences in order to assist the dietician with charting out relevant diet plans.

Dietary aides working in a healthcare facility will have a somewhat different job description. While they perform most of the same duties of assisting the dietician, they will need to fulfill the more detailed aspect of this job. This may include providing assistance to the cook in preparing meals in accordance to a resident’s diet plan and assisting residents with ingesting the meal. They also provide residents with information on what is healthy and what may affect their health in a negative manner.

There are many skills that a dietary aide is expected to possess in order to be able to perform at the optimum. Let us look at what some of these skills which will be beneficial when building a resume or cover letter for dietary aide position.

Sample Skills for Dietary Aide Resume

• Track record of preparing and dispensing meals based on individually planned menus

• Working knowledge of food preparation techniques

• Well-versed with diseases that may affect an individual’s need for certain foods

• Extensive background in food service industry

• Familiar with sanitary and hygiene practices governing the preparation of food items

• Competent at operating kitchen equipment and tools

• Exceptional customer service skills

• Demonstrated ability to practice tact and diplomacy

• Flexible attitude while catering to the needs of residents or patients

• Proven ability to work in a quick manner within a fast paced environment

• Able to perform routine dietary assistance tasks in a repetitive fashion

• Exceptional organizational and time management skills