Dietary Aide Resignation Letter Sample

Updated on: October 24, 2020

When you are in a position of authority, it becomes all the more important to conduct yourself properly. And this does not only include the time that you spend in an organization but also when you leave it.

If you have held an impeccable record up till now but you do not handle the exiting transition properly, you risk leaving a negative mark on your professional reputation.

How resignation letters are worded helps employers decide how they want to deal with you leaving their company. A well-worded resignation letter that offers solutions for when you leave a gaping hole in the company hierarchy will go down well with your employer.

One that simply states I am leaving because I do not like the way things are done in this company will leave a bad taste in the employer’s mouth, closing all avenues for future liaison.

And of course, you cannot do without writing a resignation letter because you do want to leave gracefully and be eligible for your leaving documents and dues. Do yourself a favor and write your resignation letter by following the rules – provide proper notice and make sure that your reason for leaving is clearly communicated to your employer.

Here is a sample for your reference:

Dietary Aide Resignation Letter Example

Patricia Smyth
586 Park Lane
Aldrich, MO 85335
(000) 459-6325
Patricia @ email . com

October 24, 2020

Ms. Jessica Ruiz
Manager Human Resource
Dieticians’ Guild
5321 30th Road
Aldrich, MO 65601

Dear Ms. Ruiz:

I am writing this letter to officially tender my resignation from my position as Dietary Aide for Dieticians’ Guild. Please note that October 29 will be my last working day – as per 2 weeks’ notice term of my employment agreement.

Resigning from my position was difficult as I stepped into the professional world with this facility and have great regard for it. However, taking this decision was necessary for me due to some unfavorable circumstances.

At the beginning of November, I will be moving to New York City with my family. Since this decision was taken in the best interest of all my family members, I had no choice but to agree. I understand that I was recently given follow-up responsibility for 4 patients’ diets and I am truly mortified that I will be unable to manage it in the transition period.

All that I know about the world of food and nutrition is due to the extensive training that I received at the Dieticians’ Guild and I am truly grateful for it. You are running a great service and I wish you good luck in all your future endeavors.


Patricia Smyth