Community Health Aide Job Description and Duties

Updated on: June 17, 2020

Working as a community health aide means that you will be in touch with many people from different backgrounds. This is why it is crucial that you appreciate them as they are, and take them along on your journey to find the best solution for them.

Community Health Aide Qualifications

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is considered sufficient to work as a community health aide.

However, a degree in social services may help you handle your work more profoundly, allowing you to manage this work according to the expectations of the client.

It is important to note that it is not just formal education that is required when working at this position – you have to possess excellent communication skills as well so that you can perform outreach activities in a variety of settings.

Also, it is important for people working as community health aides to understand the importance of their work and perform their duties to achieve the goals that have been set for them and those that have been set by the clients as well.

Community Health Aide Duties Responsibilities

• Engage clients in conversation to determine their specific personalities and particular traits.
• Look through clients’ backgrounds to determine challenges, health issues, and previous plans.
• Establish trusting relationships with clients and their families and provide general support and encouragement.
• Determine the type of community services that clients need and perform research work to see where they may be obtained.
• Contact community services and inquire into their plans, and how they can be modified to meet clients’ requirements.
• Assist clients in filling out enrollment and application forms and conduct eligibility determination.
• Provide clients with referral information and help them set personal goals and targets.
• Follow up with community services to determine the status of resource provision, and ensure that it is expedited.
• Create and maintain records of clients, their medical backgrounds, and services provided, ensuring that they are updated according to schedule.
• Develop case files for each client and ensure that it is filed confidentially and safely.